Halloween 1985



It’s the Autumn of 1985 in the small town of Cunningham, Indiana and a group of friends are preparing for the biggest Halloween party of their lives. Steve, Johnny, Luke, and Noah have been great friends since their elementary school days and now are planning one last Halloween party before they head off college the next fall. The boys are just coming off Sectional Championships in all of their respective sports. Steve and Johnny are the dynamic bad boys of the tennis courts, and Luke and Noah are the football superstars for the Cunningham Bears. Steve’s mother is so proud of the boys but is scared of what will happen to them if they ever break apart. 

The fellas head into the local Party City to get their outfits for the huge costume party coming up. All four of them are looking for four different costumes of recent pop culture and movies. Johnny has a newfound role model in the karate legend Johnny Lawerence of the new film from earlier this year The Karate Kid. Steve and Luke are going as Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed. Noah is planning on going as the coolest person in a galaxy far far away Luke Skywalker for his costume. Before heading out the boys picked up a Kodak Disposable camera for the eventful evening. 

Before leaving for Sarah’s house the gang all hung out in Steve’s basement watching some NBA basketball as the Boston Celtics defeated the Atlanta hawks to a score of 109-105 with their local Hoosier Larry Bird dropping 25 points. 

The boys hop into the car and head over to Sarah’s. Everyone is having a wonderful time and truly living the time of their lives. Steve and Johnny are the life of the party and are making everyone laugh. The party was ending and the guys were planning to head out and go home to Noah’s house. Noah’s home is in a deep forest and has a long lane to his house. The boys are going on a curvy road then BOOM. The lights turn off. The boys are scared of what is going on. Luke and Steve are screaming at Noah. They get out of the car and realize that they can’t drive it anymore. The guys decided on walking home through the woods. As they are walking, weirdly shaped figures stand before them. 

The boys’ fight for their lives then they wake up in the middle of space. Looking through a window looking down at Earth. The boys have recently been abducted by aliens. The guys are freaking out and don’t know how to return home. They decided that the only way home was to fight or negotiate a way out. They try to negotiate but the aliens say only if they can keep one of the boys for their human research. They believe it’s not worth it. So they get into a massive fight. Then the master of the aliens who they call captain Benitez shoots a laser at Steve and Johnny sacrifices his life to save him. The boys are terrified. Then BOOM. They crash down in the forest where they picked up the boys. They make a deal with the three boys saying to never tell of this ever again because if so they will destroy planet earth and everything of it. Back to the future of present-day 2021. Steve names his first son Johnny in honor of what he did. Since that day the boys haven’t talked about that fateful night of October 1985.