The Life of a Student of Lewis Cass Kings

A lot of things happen at Lewis Cass such as vaping, or taking school property. People like to bully and take stuff that doesn’t belong to them and there is just a lot going on. Now people can’t use the bathroom when they want you have to go during the passing period and there are always a lot of people in there and you gotta wait for a long time and be late to class. Just because of that a lot of people get in trouble because they are late so much but some teachers let it be because they know what’s going on .


  Even if it’s an emergency you can’t use it because so many people vape and break the soap dispenser. They even took the doors like there is one stall with a door people gotta go to the other bathroom and it’s across the school. There’s been  a couple of fights and people don’t like to report them because they think someone is gonna beat them up or they are not gonna think they are cool. 


People have

Been  stealing school stuff on tic tok and now a lot of people are doing it not just at our school it’s happening world wide and people who tried to take something they got caught and got in trouble people even tried to take a sink out the wall people be breaking the paper towel dispenser.People even brought weed to school and we got a school cop dog and they still don’t care that’s how you know our school people don’t care.


Someone jumped up and broke one of the clocks on the roof last year and now people can’t tell the time when in the halls and they broke the case of a camera.they had to put more people in the lunch room because people would like to cut in line and try to use doors they can’t use and a lot of people just throw everything on the tray away but your not supposed to you only need to throw away paper and they get the food off they self.


At the beginning of the school year a lot of people had to get tested for covid and there was like 200 hundred people going to the office everyday waiting to get there temperature checked but then we had to start to wear a mask well it’s optional not that much people wear them some people wear them because their parents told them too or they just want  to wear them for there safety.


It might of happened more but there was some girls going in to the boys locker room and people was going in the weight room and they wasn’t supposed to be.Now the janitor locks  everything up so if you have something to drop off in the locker room good luck trying to get it to stay unlocked for you.


We asked someone who used to vape and he said “its stupid to vape in school so if your going to vape do it on your free time, not in schools”.