My Lewis Cass Paint Crew Experience


As children, we all have vivid memories of how we looked up to older teenagers. When I was younger I had many people I looked up to in my sister’s grade. Such as Josh Halon and Drew Cornell. These guys weren’t just cool in my opinion but were people who lead the paint crew. When I was in middle school all I remember during football games was I wanted to be in the Paint Crew. They always looked like they had a great time and did everything together. As I entered high school I finally had my time to be a part of the Paint Crew.

During my freshman year of high school, I went to most of the football games with Samuel Miller and he was usually my ride everywhere for those types of events. At this time he was recently trying to bring back the great school spirit we had in the past. I got my shot to paint up this year for one game and all I remembered was I had an amazing time doing it. The Paint Crew during my freshman year was usually a bunch of seniors and didn’t have many underclassmen.

The fall of 2019 might have been one of the greatest times of my life. Not only did I make varsity for the tennis team as a sophomore I got my time to be on the Paint Crew. We were amazing at football, it felt like every game we were going to win and rush the field. It felt like every Friday night was going to be awesome. I made great memories during this time with people like Samuel Miller, David Woolever, John Helms, Jack Miller, and the other crew members. Also, I couldn’t forget about the car rides when everyone was telling stupidly funny stories. But I knew this time would end sometime. We sadly lost in regionals and I knew that the Paint Crew may not be the same. My junior year on the Paint Crew was very underwhelming due to us not being amazing at football and the school spirit wasn’t really there.

Going into my senior year I wanted to bring back the Paint Crew and really make it fun to go to the games. The Paint Crew I decided on was Ethan Johnson, Gannon Davis, Jack Miller, Dawson Goldsberry, Noah Preston, Karson Albright, Adam Bandelier, and myself. It was truly a great time. I will remember the games like North Miami and Delta. North Miami we did white out and it was awesome seeing everyone there. Then against Delta even though we lost we had the best theme of all time. Outer Banks theme was a complete W. We had the boat outside the football field and it was an awesome experience. During this time after each game, myself, Gannon, Noah, and Jensen all went to Dawson’s house.


The Lewis Cass Paint Crew was truly something special to be a part of. I met amazing people that I’ve never met before. I also grew my friendships with my greatest friends with Gannon, Dawson, and Noah. I will never forget my time on the paint crew and I hope the people reading this will have the same feelings I had when I first saw the paint crew.




Peace Out Paint Crew,

Jack Salyers