Red Ribbon Week


Red Ribbon week is back in session with brand new dress-up days and cheerful faces in the halls. As one of SADD clubs’ biggest weeks of the year, we’ve been so excited to see what everyone had in store for each day.

On Monday, we started the week off with representation for what the club is all about. It was Wear All Red day to say no to drugs. Red is my favorite color, so obviously this was not a problem for me. I saw some students in the halls wearing red sweaters, pants, hats, or jewelry. Even though it is not the most exciting dress up day, lots of students still showed their school spirit.

On Tuesday, everyone jumped right into Favorite Movie/TV Character day. I had a hard time coming up with an idea for this day, but there were many students who did not have trouble at all in expressing themselves. Hannah Plauschin, Senior and SADD Club President, said, “I love red ribbon week and all it stands for! I know that we didn’t get to do a lot this year because of the lack of time, but I appreciate the school’s spirit and involvement in promoting drug awareness. My favorite dress-up day was Character Day because I have always wanted to dress up as Serena Van Der Woodsen from my favorite show Gossip Girl. Finally, I was able to do it with my friend Cana, who also loves Gossip Girl.”

On Wednesday, bright colors plagued the hallway as lots of students participated in Neon day. Clothing that was worn included, but was not limited to, neon shirts, skirts, jackets, pants, bracelets, scrunchies, and hats. This day always has people feeling happier as a dress up day because of all the bright happy colors. Cana Jones, Senior, enjoyed this day greatly because of her dramatic flare with neon colors. She had hair ties and a construction shirt to complete her outfit and said that the day reminded her of her favorite football theme. 

On Thursday, almost everybody’s favorite dress-up day occurred. The Halloween Dress-Up day was a success because when one walked down the halls it showed a miraculous amount of costumes all around. Some of my personal favorites were Kaylie Williams as Captain Underpants, Dominic Gilbert as a Shovel, and this one random kid who had on a full gorilla costume! Moo Yu, Sophomore, said that Thursday was his favorite day because of the Halloween spirit really shining through.

On Friday, the last day of this eventful week, everyone shuffled around the halls with walkers and senior citizen outfits. This day was my favorite because it embodies my style of clothing entirely. Truthfully, all I had to do was pick an outfit from my closet and then grab a cane. In my 6 years at this school never once was this a dress up day, so I think with these fresh new ideas it makes dressing up more exciting for people.

In conclusion, Red Ribbon week has come and passed again this year, but it always leaves an impression on our school. Students get good laughs and enjoyment out of dressing up for a good cause. When reading the bulletins it is good to realize what Red Ribbon week is all about. Not only is it fun to dress-up with silly ideas all week, but it is also important to stay drug free, which is what Red Ribbon week is all about. Thank you to everyone who participated! It was a great week here at Lewis Cass.