My Last Season


If one were to ask any swimmer whether or not they enjoyed the sport, the answer generally would be a funny one. Something along the lines of yes and no? Maybe? It’s ok? Any of these options could be given, but deep down I believe that everyone who swims year after year, holds the sport close to their heart. This year will be my final year as a part of the Lewis Cass Kings Swimming program, and I can say that I definitely have enjoyed my time in the pool. 

On October 24, all 32 “Queenfish” made their way to the pool deck to start our enduring practices. Every year, the first week of swim is always the hardest. Lots of the girls, like myself, haven’t played a sport since the previous spring so our bodies are out of shape; however, even some of the girls who do play a fall sport have a hard time jumping right into the water because of how different swim is compared to other sports. Once the first week is up, mostly everyone is in the groove of things and our season kicks off. 

This year, we have some promising new swimmers. Maryn Zeck is a freshman, prodigy sister of Delaney Zeck. Her favorite part of swim would be getting to know everyone on the team and sharing many experiences together. She is also excited to start her first year of high school swim because she always watched her older sister swim in meets and now she gets to try it out for herself. Overall, she wants to improve personally in her events, and see the team improve together. 

Returning Junior swimmer, Erika Baber, is through the roof to finally make her debut on the Varsity Swim Team. Last year, through many complications over moving schools, she sadly could not swim varsity, but this year she’s giving it everything she’s got. She wants the team to grow together as well, and become more of a family. Her most treasured part about swimming is that it is her favorite sport that can be done individually and as a team. 

As my final year in the pool, I am excited to see where this team goes. There are many new swimmers who I’m so proud of for taking a chance on this program. The practices may be harder than most other activities one does, but the pay off at swim meets is astronomical. For myself, I would like to PR in my 100 backstroke and 100 freestyle. I believe that this year I will conquer each event better than I ever have before since it is my last stride in our pool. 

For anyone who is interested in joining swim, I give it the best recommendation. Swimmers may say that they don’t like it, or that they have a hard time in the sport, but if one asks them whether or not they would quit, more than likely they would say no. It is a sport that holds onto one’s heart, follows her wherever she goes. After four years of being a swimmer, it has become part of my life. I will be upset to leave my swimming days behind me, but still happy for all of the memories. 

If you would like to support the Queen Fish, then come on out on November 22 for our first swim meet this season against the Logansport Berries!