Emmaus Mission Center Doing Wonder


Mandy and Jeremy

Some people struggle. The struggles some people face can range from not being able to find your car keys to losing your job. There are some places that can help you face the struggles of homelessness. They can range from helping you find a job to helping you find affordable housing. They are also called charities. One of these great charities is called the Emmaus Mission Center. Mandy and Jeremy Penn are currently living at the Emmaus Missions Center. The mission helped them quit their addiction to methamphetamine, helped them stay out of incarceration, and gave them a place to stay. Mandy had gotten out of Prison in January and lived with her mom. Jeremy got out in March and lived with her cousins. Eventually both of them were using again and were both homeless by April. For a while after getting kicked out of her Mom’s place she stayed with a friend for two years. Then her friend had suddenly died of an overdose. Mandy then told Jeremy she wants to get clean. Having each other at Emmaus made a difference. If they had not come together they would not come along. To them, it feels homey and is very safe. They got accepted into the shelter the first week of July, but Jeremy had a seizure after quitting his addiction and he was admitted to the ICU. Mandy says the hardest part was learning how to take care of herself. Being there made a noticeable difference in her health and her general well being. After being there a few months they gained 40 pounds. Mandy and Jeremy became the first married couple to get married at the shelter. Before that they have been on and off again for years. What convinced Mandy that Jeremy Loved her was when he was in the ICU. Jeremy’s heart would start fluctuating in the ICU when Mandy was around. The Emmaus Mission Center has helped them have a great thanksgiving. They helped them get back together with their family. They wanted to share their story to tell other people that there is a way out of rock bottom. The shelter director Clark said that she sees Mandy and Jeremy as a potential success story. This story shows how helpful the Emmaus Mission can be. They can help bring people together and bring them out of rock bottom. The Emmaus Mission Center is a Christian ministry. They are dedicated to assisting the poor break out of poverty by providing them with job skill training, education, and access to food, clothing, and shelter. They provide services such as a homeless shelter, a food pantry, and a thrift store. They are a 501(c)3, non-profit, multi-denominational social service agency established to provide support for marginalized families and individuals. Thanks to the work of the Emmaus Mission Center, many families have been helped and got back together. We need more charities or organizations in our community that are as helpful as the Emmaus Mission Center.