Tis’ the Season to Watch Movies



If you are an average American who has a very festive family, then you should know right after Halloween it is now Christmas. Thanksgiving is a day of the past; Christmas will take over the house starting with the same old Christmas songs, then red and green decorations, followed by making cookies nonstop, and last but not least… movies. But what exactly are the best Christmas movies to watch to overload one’s Christmas spirit?

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is a classic. Created in 1964, the movie has been popular amongst all ages and really encourages that Christmas spirit. Rudolph is a misfit reindeer whose nose glows red and because of that all of the Reindeer make fun of him; however, on a foggy Christmas Eve Santa needed his help to lead the sleigh so he could see where to go, ultimately saving Christmas. I would rate this movie a 7/10 because you can watch it at any age, any time, and it always leaves a smile on one’s face. The scene where Rudulph is accepted by his peers after saving Christmas is a particular scene that is very heart-warming.

The Polar Express is an additionally great movie. Created in 2004 the animation to the movie is quite choppy but still hits home to many teens because it is a staple childhood Christmas movie. A boy who doesn’t really believe in Santa takes a ride on the Polar Express only to end up going on a crazy adventure with a few friends and learns the meaning of Christmas. I would rate this movie an 8.5/10 because even though it has slightly weird animation, the movie is still a classic and leaves one happy. 

Personally, I think Elf is the greatest Christmas movie of all time. Created in 2003, the movie stars Will Ferrel and is full of incredibly funny, heart-felt, and silly moments. A human, who was mistakenly taken to the North Pole as a child, grows up as an Elf despite his innate differences with the real Elves. He only believes he is slightly different until one day he finds out the truth and decides to go find his real family. I would rate this movie a 10/10 because it is great to watch with family or friends, can make you laugh no matter what kind of mood you are in, and it is such a good movie that you could watch it outside of the Christmas season. Who wouldn’t love a movie about a constantly happy elf that eats pasta with maple syrup?

In conclusion, Christmas is a time for music, baked goods, family, and especially a great movie. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Polar Express, and Elf are just a few of the movies that I suggest one should watch. Movies like these will definitely lead someone to a Christmas-y spirit. So if you are ever bored or just really want a good laugh, watch one of these Christmas movies; I promise that it will not disappoint.