My Top 4 Holidays


As the year 2021 is coming to an end the holiday season is in full swing. Just last week we had the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving and the Month prior we had Halloween. During this time I like to think about what are the best holidays of the year. Well with the College Football Playoff coming up I thought it would be a good idea to rank my top 4 holidays. 


The Number 1 seed is definitely Christmas for me. Christmas is a great holiday for many reasons. First of all, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Second, we are all receiving and giving gifts to our friends and family. Not only is opening a present awesome but seeing the genuine smile on someone’s face when you get something they didn’t know they were getting. This also brings my family together as we all head over to my Grandma Karen’s house who always cook up an amazing meal and we all enjoy each other’s company.


 The Number 2 seed will be the great day of Thanksgiving. The day of being thankful and the day of eating the most mashed potatoes you can. Thanksgiving is great due to the food that is presented at the dinner table. You have all sorts of foods to choose from and they’re all great. I’m a fan of American football as well so for me you watch the NFL during the day and eat great food soon. A very good holiday for me.


The Number 3 seed is the Fourth of July. I’m a huge fan of the United States and this holiday is the peak of it. You start the day watching the parade that goes through Walton then spend the rest of it with your friends and family. Most of the day is spent in the pool, a boat, or just in a lawn chair eating something off of a grill. Then going up to the school and watch the fireworks with your buddies as you sit in the back of a truck or in lawn chairs. Then soon after spend the night all out lighting off fireworks and making high school memories. 


The Number 4 seed will be Halloween and will get the last spot in my playoff. Halloween has the best holiday movies for sure then is just an underrated holiday for me. You get to dress up as whatever you want for one night and eat all the candy you want. You get to spend this great day with your buddies all dressed up in some funny costumes. 


Holidays that missed the cut for me that was close were Easter, New Year’s, Flag Day, and Labor Day. All great holidays just miss the cut from the top 4. The Holiday season is always a great time and I wish you guys Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.