American dream


SInce I was really little I always dreamt of coming to the USA and doing the exchange year.In fact I was always a huge basketball and sports fan and of course I was fascinated by the NBA and other sports like football and baseball.

Another fact that pushed me to do this experience was that I was really attracted by the atmosphere and the way of living of the American people.

And then I was also fascinated by the American school with all the students changing classes between periods,the school teams,the graduation,clubs,prom and dances.

My dream and will to come,moreover,became stronger after two of my cousins came to the USA to do the same program and told me all their experiences there and showed me a lot of pictures.Moreover one of them came here in Indiana at Rochester.AWESOME RIGHT?!!

In addition, when I choose to do this program I wouldn’t never expected to come here in Walton in a such a little town.I mean I wouldn’t never aspect also to go to in a town like LA or NY but maybe a bigger one.But anyways since I lent in Indianapolis and met my family i felt really well loved and lucky to have a family with two parents and brothers like the ones that i have.They also introduced me to Cornerstone,their church right outside Walton,in which i found a really nice community and friend and I had the opportunity to growth in my faith and relationship with god. 

On the other hand I think that  the Lewis Cass staff and  community is awesome since  I felt loved and in a really good environment and place from the first day.Here you can count on really kind and gentle people that are always gonna be there for you and work hard every single moment.

On the other hand I think that during my stay here I”ve gained new knowledge and learned how to be more independent. Furthermore I had the opportunity to join and meet a lot of friends that I feel really in touch with and that always support me .   

Finally I want to thank the basketball staff who allowed me to play basketball. And last but not least I had the opportunity to join the basketball team and play ball with my teammates that are really friendly and funny. In addition I also like the coaches and all the managers that are really hard working, caring about all the players and trying everyday to do their best.

For this reason I want to thank my family and all the Cass people that are making my experience awesome by giving me thousands of opportunities and that I will always remember with joy and love.