Sectional 37, The Sectional of Mayhem


The colder the weather the better the basketball is in the great state of Indiana. During this past week, our school Lewis Cass hosted and played in Sectional 37 held by the IHSAA. The girls’ basketball season ended a couple of weeks ago and we went straight into Sectional play. To tell you that girls basketball isn’t electric would be an understatement. I worked this past week during the sectionals games and I found a liking for girls basketball over the week. 


The first game played was Rochester vs Pioneer. The Rochester faithful came out with full force and was making the gym rock. Ashlynn Brooke of Pioneer was hyped to be this wonderful superstar but I was doubting after the first game. The Panthers of Pioneer took the win and moved on to the semi-finals. Following the incredible snow, we experienced the first-round matchups of Manchester vs Carroll, and Delphi vs Lewis Cass was pushed back to Saturday. Manchester was a quality team but was no match for the Carroll Cougars of Flora. The Lady Kings and the Delphi Oracle’s played a very tough and defensive matchup but the scoring and playmaking of Kendal Johnson took over. 


The Semi-Finals were now set to take place in Walton on Monday night as the Pioneer Panthers were facing off against Wabash then Carroll vs Lewis Cass. Wabash kept close but Ashlynn Brooke showed why she was the number one scorer in the state of Indiana. Just raining down 3 balls left and right. Wabash didn’t have the firepower to withstand the offensive explosion that Pioneer put on. The Lady Kings then ran onto the court to face off against the Cougars. The King’s offensive in the first half just wasn’t there throwing the ball around and not playing their best game. Alli Harness of Carroll, only a sophomore, scored her 1000 point here in Walton with two fractured wrists. A true comeback kid, coming back and leading her team to the Sectional Final. 


The Final is set, A True Rocky IV game of the ages. Ashlynn Brooke vs Alli Harness, Rocky vs Drago, Pioneer vs Carroll. The matchup I was waiting for delivered and was the GREATEST girls basketball game I’ve ever watched. Two heavyweights going for small-town glory right here in Walton, Indiana. Alli Harness went off in the first quarter scoring a loud 13 points and putting up a lead for the Cougars. Ashlynn Brooke looked outplayed and not the best player on the court. Going into the half the Cougars were up 37-20. The Second half was a basketball dream for Miss. Brooke. She scored a very explosive 31 points and hit 4 three-pointers in a row at the end of the 3rd quarter. Ashlynn was the fastest player on the court and the best shooter on the court at the same time. She wasn’t going to be stopped from chasing the Sectional title. The score got as close as 57-55 but the Cougars ended the defending Class A state champion’s dreams of going back to back by hitting timely free throws to win the game. 


Sectional 37 was a great time to work and watch wonderful basketball. I want to give a round of applause to Coach Marschand on making Lewis Cass look like the great school it is. He made the gym look wonderful and put Lewis Cass in a good light. Also a quick shoutout to Mrs. Densborn on working on the trivia board and putting in the time finding out information on the other teams and making them feel home. Congratulations to the Carroll Cougars on winning Sectionals and good luck going into Regionals.