Juwan Howard Throws a Punch, at the Coach!!!


What does a role model look like in your eyes? A parent, coach, family member, a celebrity, and many more ideas come to mind. How does that person handle themselves in the heat of the moment? Are they cool and collected or a hothead. This past Sunday we saw what a role model shouldn’t look like. Juwan Howard, University of Michigan’s Men’s Head Basketball Coach, threw a punch and landed it on the University of Wisconsin assistant coach Joe Krabbenhoft in the face. As I sit here tonight and ponder about the situation I think, should Juwan Howard still be the Head Coach of Michigan?


What happened Sunday in Madison, Wisconsin should never happen in basketball at all levels of the game, especially in a BIG TEN game. At the end of Wisconsin vs Michigan basketball game, Head Coach Greg Gard threw in the end of the bench guys and gave them some run in front of the Wisconsin faithful. Nothing wrong with that, we can all see that. Who doesn’t love seeing the kids that never get in and let them have their moment on the big stage. During this time Wisconsin was up 14 points with under a minute left in the game. Howard kept his starters in the game and full-court pressed the walk-on players. I understand playing until the final horn, but being down 14 points with a minute left you can calm down and accept the lost buddy. So as any person trying to watch their kids succeed, Gard called timeout to advance the ball past half court and to create a play so the ball wouldn’t be turned over. That is what set Howard off. Which I don’t fully understand but that’s what turned the tables. 


After the game, Teams and Coaches usually high-five each other and tell each other good game. Coach Greg Gard grabbed Howard to keep him there to discuss why he called the timeout. Howard wasn’t feeling it and didn’t want to get touched and shoved Coach Gard and started yelling at him. The teams got in front of each other’s faces and Howard punches assistant coach Joe Krabbenhoft in the face. 


As some people may say, he went nuclear and hit the bomb button. Punching Coach Krabbenhoft was way overboard from Howard. Was this necessary? 100 percent no. Act like a grown man and don’t throw a punch. Howard is currently suspended the rest of the regular season and will be back for the BIG TEN Tournament and March Madness if the disappointing Wolverines make it. People were asking for his job and for him to be fired. Should he? It does depend but Juwan should keep his job. Yes, he is a role model to 17 young men who he coaches and many more people who look toward him because of his coaching or of his play in college. Yes, this is a terrible look for the University but losing a coach of this caliber isn’t what Michigan needs either. Juwan has turned the program back around and deserves another shot after he took a “Shot” at Wisconsin’s assistant coach. This is just a lesson to reminder to act your age people.