The End of Wrestling



Friday night after practice we all piled into the bus and headed to Fort Wayne. It was a pretty long bus ride, but most of us slept anyway. When we got to the hotel we all grabbed our things and went inside to check in. As soon as we walked into the hotel they had a huge snack bar loaded with all these amazing snacks. We all felt bad for Kaine because he was cutting weight hard, and wasn’t allowed to get anything from it.

As we got checked in we went and got settled into our rooms. The first thing we did after we settled in was we had to check our weight. After we all checked weight we figured out where we wanted to eat. Out of the three qualifiers we had Kaine was the only one that was worried about weight. Me and Jio were both 4 pounds underweight. Unfortunately, Kaine wasn’t able to join us for dinner that night. We decided to go to the mall and get Chick-fil-a. When we got there we discovered that the chick-fil-a was inside the mall in the food court. All of us were very hungry because we had driven straight up after practice without getting any food. When we got to the food court we were all super excited. This food court had about every kind of food to offer. Me, Rowdy, and Jio decided to get Panda Express instead of Chick-fil-a. After we got done eating we went back to the hotel.

When we got back we all wanted to go swimming. Kaine was already in the pool with his family when we got back. We all headed up to our rooms and changed into our swim-trunks. Jensen, Jack, and Montez all shared a room with Coach Burrous. Me, Rowdy, and Jio got to share a room, and Kaine stayed with his family. When we got down to the pool we all jumped in and threw a tennis ball around for a bit. We all got tired of it pretty quick and we headed back to our rooms. We decided to stop by the snack bar to get drinks and snacks. When we got done with that we headed back to the room and settled in. Before me and jio ate our snacks we decided it was a good idea to check weight before we ate or drank anything.

We went over to the coaches room to check weight, and we were both super happy with what the scale said. We were both still under so we could eat and drink the snacks we got. When we got back to our room we played my Xbox for a little bit and chilled out. We had to be in bed by 10 and lights out by 11. We were supposed to meet in the lobby at 6:20 in the morning, so we could make it to the arena, and get everything sorted out before weigh-ins. When we woke up in the morning we all checked our weight and loaded up on the bus. When we got there we had to sign in and get our floor passes. After we got everything we needed we waited for weigh-ins to start. The way they did weigh-ins was by weight class. They would call one weight class at a time to check skin and weight. 

After we all weighed in and were set to go we decided we would eat a little bit and then go out and warm up. There wasn’t a lot of room at all to warm up. The mats were crowded with wrestlers and coaches. The only thing that made me mad about this situation was the coaches that weren’t doing anything but standing around on the mat and talking. They could easily do that off to the side of the mat. They had no real reason to take up space on the mat other than the fact that they think they’re more important than others. That was my only complaint about this entire weekend.