My Last Article

A Thank You


The bittersweet ending of a chapter in many lives, that feels as if it really had just started, collides with the seniors’ today. One generally thinks back on all of her memories at a time like this, and while sifting through my brain of thoughts, I realized what a truly spectacular year I have had. Within every year, Freshman to Senior, I have encountered countless people and made so many good relationships that I do not know where to start. While reminiscing, I want to say my thanks. I want to share some of my own gratitude towards the wonderful people of Walton, Indiana.

To my Calculus Class, thank you for showing me that being yourself TRULY is ok. Everyone goes through high school wondering whether or not she is being judged, but in my little class of zoo animals, I felt completely free. With the random noises we make, or the slightly inappropriate jokes, I knew that the people in that classroom would make my day better no matter what- even from the simplest goofy interaction. Along with this class, I would like to intermingle my English class that I have shared with the same great group of kids since the 8th grade. Writing is one of my biggest passions, that of which has clearly developed in the recent years. With the support and love that I have felt from the same classmates, I found something from within that has made my life so much better. Writing down words on a page can only do so much, but without the guidance and cheer from my English comrades, I do not think that I would be where I am today. Thank you to both classes for making my final year a splendid one in the classroom.

To my Junior friends, or underclassmen in general, thank you for the sudden memories that will last me a lifetime. I cannot tell you how much each moment means to me. I am a very personable human being, and any interaction that I have can be taken into my heart- big or small. This year specifically, I have made more friends with new people than ever in my life. Being the top dog is cool and all, but I think with the new found respect and everyone’s glances going up to the seniors, it is hard not to let the little fishes grow on me. Whether it was a joke that we shared, a sport, or even one night, I thank you for the smile that it brought to my face and the warmth to my heart. I believe that memories are more important than not experiencing beauty at all. So even though we only shared our time for a little while, it was well spent and I will never forget it.

To my teachers and staff of Lewis Cass, what an amazing job you have done! Growing minds can be molded in many different ways, and at this very school I know that so many successful people are going into careers with high expectations but they are ready due to the incredible faculty. Obviously a biased opinion would come from me; however, reading articles or seeing news reports on some of the schools in the area, I would say we are not too shabby. The teachers at our school create an environment of comfortability, which I believe is key. A student would not want to come to a school where she does not feel accepted by anyone, but I can guarantee that there are plenty of teachers to make anyone feel right at home. Specifically, thank you Mr. Hurst. You are a relic amongst the teachers here. I do not mean just because you are old (haha), but because you shine true with your glorious teaching ways. Thank you to all the staff, I really did enjoy my time at this wonderful school.

To the class of 2022, thank you for letting me be a part of a group bigger than myself and always enjoying the people around me. We all have made so many memories, ones that will always stick by me. My favorite idea of our class has to be how nice we are to anyone around. In a general statement, I always heard kind comments about my classmates from random staff. No one was afraid of lending a helping hand. I know that each of you will take that same attitude with you in life and branch it to so many new people. Thank you to everyone in my little family of 22’, you guys are going big places- I just know it!

To “The Six”- where do I begin? For background information, “The Six” are my closest group of gal friends, some of whom have literally been there since day one of my school career. Hannah Plauschin, Cana Jones, Kaylie Williams, Jocelyn Radtke, and Madison Dormer, I love you all so much. We have grown into a group of girls that could conquer any situation, and I am so proud of that. Each of you is going to do amazing things, whether it be in your field of study, or just as a human being in general. With the kindness that you exert and the openness of your personalities, I know that wherever you may go, people will gravitate towards you and want to be your best friend, just like how I felt when I first met each of you. Of course I am sad to leave and split apart, but I know on any breaks and chances that we get our group will rekindle as if no time had been spent away. Thank you all for the laughs, cries, and late nights together- and congratulations on all the successes that I know you will have in the future. Another close group of friends that I have made this year is the AP Art Squad. Thank you for the singing, the endless laughter, and the intense questions. I have never made such a fast and close group of friends before. We all stick together like glue and work so well. Kyla, Dominic, Preston, and Hannah- all of your futures are as bright and beautiful as your souls. I cannot imagine a world without you, so make sure to stay close in contact! Thank you all for the good times I have spent in and out of the classroom- I will always remember our joy that shined like a pot of gold.

Thank you to everyone who made an impact on my life. Whether it be with a simple nickname, a late night talking sesh, or even the kindness of a smile in a sticky situation, I cannot show my appreciation enough. Lewis Cass High School, what a fun place to be. I will never forget my 12 years spent at this establishment. As a closing to my last newspaper article, I hope that the future generations at this school find as many moments in time to thank, and enjoy their time at school, just like I did. Peace out Lewis Cass, and “in case if I do not see you, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!”