Andrew Tate The “Top G”


Kickboxer Andrew Tate – taken without permission, from Instagram: ,

Have you heard of Andrew Tate? I am willing to bet that you have. Andrew Tate is a former American-British kickboxer and he has a net-worth of around $250 million. Emory Andrew Tate was born on December 1st, 1986 in Washington D.C.. When he got older, Tate began his kickboxing career. After it was all said and done, he had become a very accomplished fighter. Over the years, he won the ISKA world championship three times, as well as becoming the Enfusion World Champion.


Tate has a very large ego and is extremely arrogant. He has mentioned many times that he considers himself to be the “Top G”. According to Tate, the term “Top G” refers to someone who is capable in all realms. He finished by saying, “When you are Top G, you are dangerous at everything.” To prove this to the world, Tate made a Tiktok in which he called out Jake Paul. He called him out, saying that Jake Paul lives in a dreamworld and must be desperate for a reality check. Tate says that he will bet 3 million dollars of his own money and encourages Jake Paul to do the same. Jake Paul accepted this offer, but there has never been a set date for the fight. It is unclear at this time if they will actually get in the ring together.


Recently, he has been taking over social media platforms, especially Tiktok. Tate’s popularity has skyrocketed over the last month, earning the title of being Google’s most searched. He surpassed many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump, and MrBeast. While Tate has become one of the most popular people on social media right now, he also has become one of the most controversial.


There are some things that he talks about on social media that many people find misogynistic and offensive. Many people believe that Tate is sexist and considers men to be superior to women. In a Tiktok that was posted by him, Tate admits to being sexist and misogynistic. He claims that he is sexist both ways, saying, “There are certain things in the world that I only trust men with, and there are certain things in the world that I only trust women with.” Tate goes on to explain a few things that he does not trust women with, one of which being violence. In another Tiktok, Tate says that he trusts women much more with children. “I wouldn’t drop my kids off at an all-male nursery. I think that is strange and weird. I would only drop them in an all-female nursery. Women do certain things and men do certain things,” Tate says. Many people find this kind of talk to be offensive and consider Tate to be a poor influence on young men. Sexist or not, he has earned over 12.7 billion views on Tiktok, as well as over 4 million followers on Instagram, and has had a huge influence on the social media world.