Gym Is A Way of Life


The gym is something that has been around a long time, but for me, it is something fairly new. The gym is something that I have fallen in love with here recently. I started getting into lifting in January of 2022. For about six months, going to the gym has been my favorite thing to do. It is not easy to go every day. Sometimes, you will lack motivation, but you have to have the mental discipline to keep going. I have gained a lot of respect for people who go to the gym. I realized that it is something that you have to work for and takes a lot of time.

My main reason for starting was to get stronger for baseball and tennis. I also wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I started off very sore and wasn’t enjoying it as much. About a month later, I started to see some improvement. Granted, it was a very small improvement, but it still meant something to me. I was instantly hooked. The gym and fitness took over my life. I was in a weights class in school, started making new friends because of the gym, and felt amazing. I started enjoying anything fitness-related. The fitness community is very interesting. The people all have cool stories and different motives that are very interesting to me. All of my YouTube and social media feeds have become flooded with the topic of fitness. I started to find a couple of my favorite fitness influencers. Alex Eubank and Bradley Martyn are two of my favorites. Alex Eubank is a fitness influencer who posts on social media and owns a clothing line. Alex is 22 and is gaining popularity very quickly. He is working on his own clothing brand like Bradley. Bradley Martyn is 33 and is not new to the fitness industry. He owns a gym in California and has his own clothing brand called “Raw Gear.” I started buying more and more of their clothes. Unfortunately, it is not cheap and adds up. Alex claims he is a natural lifter. This means that he has not used substances to enhance his physique. He gets a lot of hate for his claims. In the fitness industry, people like to accuse others of using substances because of how they look. Some people are just genetically gifted and put in the work. Alex says that the fitness industry is “toxic.” It is a very toxic environment because everyone is always competing to have the best body. This can lead to body dysmorphia. Body dysmorphia is a mental condition where people constantly worry about their flaws and mistakes. This is something that both men and women struggle with. Alex is an open Christian to the public. He receives hate because he is not perfect, but he always tries to talk about God to his fans.

The problem with lifting is that it can be a toll on your mind more than your body. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like you’re making any progress or your body is just not good enough. The gym can be a great thing, but can also be hard on you. Your body is going to be sore, you are going to lack motivation, but it is all worth it in the end. The gym is also there to improve your mind and body. So remember that.

Overall, lifting has made me feel great. I have started eating healthier and have had a lot more clarity in my life. Going to the gym is a time where all of my stress is relieved and is a very calming place. My advice if you go to the gym is to remember why you go. Don’t get discouraged by other people and focus on bettering yourself because there will always be people who are not in your corner.