Last First Cheer Practice


I recently had my last first cheer practice. It’s a bittersweet feeling that I can’t quite wrap my head around. This is the last year I’ll put on a uniform, and go cheer at all the basketball and football games. It’s the last year I get to run out onto the field with the team after we’ve won a football game. I first started cheering when I was in sixth grade, and have been ever since. The years have gone by so fast that it feels as if it was just yesterday that I was trying out as a freshman for the high school cheer team. 

During my freshman year I really looked up to the seniors that were on the team. They were always willing to help me learn how to be the best aspect for the team that I could be. They were always there to answer any questions that I might’ve had. Those are some of the qualities that stuck with me, and that I wanted to have my senior year. One of the best moments we had as a team that year was probably our cheer camp. It was a lot harder than all of us thought It would be, but I think it made us all grow closer as a team. It was probably one of the most memorable years I’ve had cheering so far.

My sophomore year was nowhere near as memorable. This is the year COVID 19 was at its peak, everyone on the team kept getting quarantined, and we had to be online for some of the time. We had games canceled and weren’t able to make it to camp that year. We still tried to make it the best that we could by showing up at every game we could go to, and having a good attitude. I felt bad for the seniors on the team because they wouldn’t get to experience all the things they thought they would  for their last year.  

I was glad that by my junior year everything was back to normal. I was on the varsity team, and we only had one senior. That meant that the juniors all got the opportunity to help out with some of the things seniors got to do. We got to help make some of the dances, and stunts. This was the first chance I really got to see all the things the seniors had to help out with. We had a pretty good season, and ended up going to the sectional championships. 

I couldn’t be more excited for this season. This year we may have a smaller team then we’ve had in the past, but there is so much talent. I want to thank both Coach Nicole and Coach Jenn for teaching me everything I know, and pushing me to be the best I can be. I also wanted to thank the other seniors on the team Kyah, Ashlin, and Sav. We have all gotten so much closer since freshman year. I wouldn’t want to be going through my last year with any other group. I’m thankful for all the past years I’ve had on the cheer team, and can’t wait to see what my last season of cheering will hold.