My Passion


Kyah Preston 

Student Life Feature #2

My True Passion

I started singing on stage when I was around four years old. My grandpa and mom were in a band and I always loved being on stage singing, so they would let me join in. I would sing a couple of old songs that my grandpa taught me. I have always had a love for singing and music and it only grew from there.

I remember once in kindergarten, my teacher, Mrs. Hancock asked if I had any talents. I chose to sing “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. After singing for my classmates she took me down to the music room where Mrs. Blair taught music. I remember so vividly what she said, “ Carol, listen to this little girl sing. She is going to be famous one day.” From that day forward I knew that I wanted to sing for the rest of my life and make the people around me proud of the talent God had blessed me with.

After years of singing on stage with my grandpa’s band, I decided to join the Lewis Cass Choir. I joined the choir as soon as it was an option, which was fourth grade. I didn’t know at that time how much of an impact singing in a choir would have on my life. My freshman year was an exciting time and a huge step in my choir career. This came with ups and downs and a ton of growing and learning. My sophomore year completely changed my whole idea of choir, performing, and overall life. I was blessed enough to meet my teacher who has become a best friend, Mrs. Dubois. Mrs. Dubois and I had a connection from the very beginning and I knew that when I grew up, I wanted to be just like her.

Mrs. Dubois is in many theatrical productions and is also a director. While being busy with all of that, she completely changed the choir program at Lewis Cass for the better. She has taught me and many other students a ton of amazing things in choir and in life. She has helped me realize that I want theater and music in my life forever. Through her, I learned that choir is a gift and a passion. I have also learned how to play the ukulele and the piano. While learning these instruments, I decided to write songs that mean a lot to me and I am planning to record them soon. I hope to be part of the musical theater program at Indiana University of Kokomo next fall. I would love to continue being a big part of my church worship team. I know that my love for music and singing will always impact me just like it did when I was 4 years old.