Books v.s. Movies


When given the option to choose between reading a book, or watching a movie about the book, many people would more than likely choose to watch the movie. A movie is faster, gets to the point quicker, and has a visual you are watching. A book on the other hand is slower-paced, has more small details, and does not have a visual right in front of you. As someone who loves to read many books, if I had the choice to choose between a book or a movie about that book, I would choose to read the book first and watch the movie later. 

Choosing a book over a movie is definitely a choice I would not have chosen a year ago. Over the fall break of last school year, I discovered that I really enjoyed reading during my free time. In my opinion, the books have smaller details that make you see you are connected to the characters as well. I enjoy the side of books that I sometimes get so focused on reading the story that I forget I am reading a book. The books allow me to create my own vision of what the characters look like, and what the setting they live in looks like. Also while reading a book, certain books can give the aspect of imagining you are in the storyline with the characters. Reading a book gives the aspect of the climax during the book as the reader has to turn the page to get to the next part. 

As a fan of movies as well, I enjoy watching movies either at home at night, or in a theater. Even though my pick between the two is a book, movies definitely have some aspects that are enjoyable as books. Movies have visuals already there to where you do not have to imagine while watching. A movie has facial features, expressions, and looks that are there for the viewer to focus on the plotline more than the image that they would be creating in their head. Movies are also quicker as reading a long book could take multiple days, depending on the reader’s speed. A movie would take on average an hour and a half to two hours. That way if someone did not have the time to read a whole book, they could easily take two hours to sit down and watch a quick movie to get an overview of the book. 

Both sides have their pros and cons, but in my opinion, I would rather read the book and watch the movie second. The books add in much smaller detail to where when watching the movies I remember those small details and it makes the movie more interesting to me. I enjoy feeling more involved with the story when reading, as when watching a movie I do not feel as connected to the story. As a fan of both books and movies, I understand both sides of these options, but I relate more to the people that enjoy books before movies.