Dear Future Me


Dear future me, 

I am sitting here writing this letter to you as a senior in high school. It is crazy to think I have one more year left of high school, and then the rest of my entire life starts. A whole new life and journey will start after I graduate, and I wonder how I will end up. I wonder what God’s plans are for my life. Will I start my own family? What career path will I go into? Where will I live? Although I am nervous about what being an adult is like, I am excited to see what is in store for my future. To future me, I have a couple of questions on how your life is going. 

My first question is did I start a family? I would love to be married in the future and have kids. I know all of that isn’t always promised though. I hope that I am able to settle down with someone and go through life with them. If I do get married I hope we host things at our house. I hope we host some holiday parties for our friends and families, and have some fun get-togethers with them. If I don’t end up getting married I hope we travel a lot and focus on our career. If we do get married I wonder if we have kids. I think having kids is the thing I want most for my life. I am hoping I have two to four kids. I hope that I get a boy and a girl. Did you have your kids close together, or did you wait awhile so that they would have an age gap? I hope we look into adopting, and if it fits we go through with it. I hope we have dogs in the future. I would like a golden-doodle, and then another dog.  

My second question is what career did I go into? I currently don’t really have a certain idea on what career path I want to go into. I have had thoughts about being an orthodontic hygienist, but I also have been thinking about going into something involving law. I enjoy organizing documents and ideas, so I think maybe something to do with that would be good for me. I also wonder if we have any side businesses. Do we make little projects and sell them? Whatever I end up doing, I hope I enjoy it.  

My final question is where do I live? I feel like I will stay in Indiana, but I think depending on what job I go into I might have to move. I think maybe I will end up in Fort Wayne, because dad and mom are moving there after I graduate. I hope I have a nice house, and I decorate it really cute. I think maybe having a lake house would be nice as well. 

Whatever the outcome of my life is, I hope I am enjoying every minute of it. Even if my life doesn’t end up like how I imagined it to be I know it will still be good. Future me, I hope you are soaking life all in, and making every moment worth it. I pray you are making lots of great memories with people who are closest to you, and doing stuff adventurous that you would never think you would go through with.