The Benefits of FCA.

The+Benefits+of+FCA., students think of Friday as the last day before freedom again, or just as a break from school. They tend to blow off Friday and not be interested in doing a single thing.


Recently, FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) started back up for the 2022-2023 school year. If you don’t know what FCA is, FCA is a nationwide program seeking to teach athletes and coaches about Jesus Christ. Some people may be asking, “Well, when is this, and how do you participate?” FCA is held every Friday morning at 6:40am at Walton Christian Church. There is no need for a Bible and no reason to be afraid of coming. There is food provided, as well as drinks, condiments, etc.. It is encouraged to bring a small donation of a few dollars to help pay for the cost of ingredients. Volunteers are there as early as 5:25am to make sure that your breakfast is hot and delicious, so make sure to say thank you. If you’re afraid that you’ll be there alone, then invite your teammates and some of your other friends. Teams and coaches from all different sports are there to listen and enjoy time with one another. You do not need to have any knowledge about the Bible. All that is needed is an open mind that is ready to listen. Speakers prepare their talks for weeks on end to hopefully influence those few kids who question their faith. The speaker’s main goal is to guide others and be the influence that others were on them. Occasionally, the speaker will have sat in the same seats that the rest of the students are in during their time in high school.  The goal is that after those athletes leave, they will present and share with others what they experienced and learned. Hopefully, the domino effect will ensue after that.


Don’t worry, there are many different food options available.  They rotate different foods in a cycle to please everyone.  They serve common breakfast foods and even make different options of foods like breakfast burritos and sandwiches.  For burritos, they have a meat lovers burrito which consists of bacon, sausage, and eggs.  Then, they also have just bacon or sausage if you prefer to not have both.  A simple request of no cheese on the breakfast sandwich will be accepted.  The volunteer servers want everyone to enjoy the food, even if that means extra work.  Also, the rotation includes biscuits & gravy, french toast, and pancakes.  They serve sausage links with pancakes and french toast.  Since they rotate what is served each week, there is no getting old of eating the same breakfast at FCA.  


In addition to the food and message, there are also benefits of getting up early.  Students and individuals that wake up early live peaceful lives, are typically in a better mood, and have better rested bodies.  Going to bed on time and getting up early lets your mind be able to restore itself.  In conclusion, FCA is a program that hopes to influence the world through athletes.  There are many different foods and beneficial impacts with FCA.

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