My First Time In The Football Student Section


Everyone loves football games, but this year for me it was a little different. This year I got to experience my first ever time in the football student section. After school on that Friday, I went home and started to get ready for the game. The game’s theme was white out, so I started looking in my closet to find white clothes. After picking out my outfit I started to do my hair and makeup. While I was getting ready one of my friends Erika came over and started getting ready with me. I was already ready, so I helped her get ready. After we were ready, we headed to the tailgate before the game started. At the tailgate, we helped the paint crew get painted up, played corn-hole, and listened to music. 

Now it was time for the game to start. I bought my ticket, then headed to the bleacher to join the student section. For the kickoff, everyone in the student section starts yelling, to get the crowd going. During the game, we hold up signs, yell chants, and try to get the opposing team riled up. During halftime, some of us went to the concession stand, visited friends, or just stayed in the student section. After halftime was over we all headed back to the bleachers and started yelling to get the crowd back in the game. As the game was going on, there were a couple of injuries, nothing too bad though. Throughout the rest of the game, our football team had good defense, and offense. As the clock ran out of time, we won with a score of 16-0. We all ran out to the bell and sang our school song. After we sang the school song, we all got pictures with our friends and talked with our friends. 

After talking to friends and getting pictures, some football players, cheerleaders, and kids from the student section all went to Taco Bell after the game. So we all went and hopped in our cars, and drove off to Taco Bell. While we were at Taco Bell, the school we played showed up. So we all were talking, and hanging out while we ate, or waited on our food. All of us were very loud, so the workers were not very happy with us. The workers told us to quiet down, and we all tried to but it wasn’t very effective because there were so many people in Taco Bell. While we were all hanging out, some of the people we were with started jumping around and yelling. Which made the workers very mad, and a lot of us felt bad for the workers. People started leaving Taco Bell, so my friends and I decided to leave. We drove back to the school to get our cars, then we all headed our separate ways and went home. Overall it was a very fun night to experience, and I can not wait to experience it again the next game.