Homecoming Week

Homecoming Week

Kyah Preston

Student Life Feature #3

Homecoming Week

Homecoming Week is a hectic but busy week of the school year. It is a week of excitement, school pride, and fun. The week starts with dress-up days that are planned by the high school student council. This part of homecoming week is always super fun because you get to see everybody’s outfit ideas. Waking up early to have a good-looking themed outfit is so fun. Throughout the week, you see many kids taking pictures in their themed outfits for the day. As the week goes on, the anticipation rises and everyone gets excited for the homecoming game.

On Wednesday of homecoming week, we have a Powderpuff game. A powderpuff game is a flag football game played by girls in ninth through twelfth grade. One team is made up of sophomores and seniors, and the other is made up of freshman and juniors. Parents and other students come to watch the girls have fun while playing football. Following the powder-puff game is the variety show. The variety show is an opportunity for anyone in the school to show off their talents. Many parents, students, and faculty come together to celebrate the seniors.

The senior class uses the time on stage to make jokes about their past years together. After the senior skit, a senior slideshow is shown to the audience. The senior slideshow shares pictures of each senior from when they were younger. It also captures all of the seniors’ memories together as a class. All of this fun leads to the Homecoming game on Friday. Everyone dresses up in their best Lewis Cass spirit wear to school on Friday. Seniors usually wear the senior jeans that they have made. To let everyone know that it’s gameday, the football boys run through the hallway yelling and hitting the lockers.

Before the game starts, it is time to see who the homecoming king is. The game announcer gets everyone’s attention by introducing the homecoming king court. The court is escorted onto the field while the announcer tells the audience about what the student is involved in. The winner is announced and is crowned. Now it is game time! As you look into the stands, you see current students, past students, and future students cheering on the team. Everyone is dressed in red, white, and blue. In that moment, you feel very thankful for your close-knit community. As the game goes on, the energy of the crowd gets louder and louder.

Halftime is time for the Queen’s Court to be introduced. Similar to the King’s Court, the girls are escorted while being introduced onto the field. The winner is called and gets crowned by the winner from last year. After all of the crowning is done, the band has a show that is presented to the crowd. The rest of the game is played, and as you see your team take their last seconds of play, it’s time for everyone to run to the bell tower. Once all of the football players run over to the bell, the whole crowd sings the school song. After the exciting win, most students go out to eat at Taco Bell. Overall, homecoming week is a fun and exciting week that I think everyone should get the chance to experience.