Linux is Superior to Windows

Linux is Superior to Windows

There are many different types of desktop operating  systems on the market. An Operating System is basically what manages the application on your computer. The main ones are Windows, MacOS, and Linux (technically a kernel, not an OS, but that is nerd talk). We can also include ChromeOS, which is what our school computers are, but that technically runs on Linux. Most of the world runs on Windows. 75% of the world’s PCs run Windows, though others exist. MacOS comes shipped on every new Apple computer. Linux is an oddball. Odds are you had to install it or a family member installed it for you to have it. On my personal computer, I have installed Linux myself. Almost every major computer company does not have Linux pre-installed on any of their personal computers except for maybe a select few. This is why you may have never heard of it. So why is it better?

Linux is better in a lot of ways, one is in how lightweight it is. It depends on the Linux distro you use (which we will get into later) but in general Linux uses less resources than Windows. This means it can run on a crappy computer with slower parts than if Windows were on it. This also means that programs should run faster.

Another reason it is better is that it is very customizable. Linux has many “flavors” or distros. Linux itself is just a kernel, not an OS, so people make OS’s around it. I am personally using Pop!_OS as my Linux distro because I like it. But you can install whatever distro you want. Though Ubuntu is generally the best for new users.

Another reason it is just better is you get more power on your own computer. Windows will prevent me from doing certain actions on my own computer. Though with Linux I can do whatever I want including destroying the Operating System. I can also install updates any time I want and not have to be forced to restart. I can update my computer and restart it whenever I feel like it.

Another reason why Linux is better is because it is more secure. While there are viruses for Linux, the way software is installed makes it so you basically have to try to get viruses. It is also open source. Anyone can view the code. This means if a vulnerability is found, it can easily be fixed.

These are reasons why Linux is just better. Though lots of Windows software will not run on Linux. Some can be made to work with WINE. Which is a compatibility layer that can get some programs to work. Adobe products also do not work, which is a shame because almost nothing else competes with them. This is the biggest reason why Linux is not mainstream. It can not run some software that was written for Windows.