A Review of Mean Girls


Most people have seen or heard about the movie Mean Girls before. Mean Girls is an iconic movie that was released in 2004. Years later this movie is still a movie people remember and occasionally talk about. Mean Girls is still so known that if you were to say a catch phrase used in the movie most people would know exactly where it is from. I know a lot of catch phrases from this movie, and have even used some before. Even though I know so much about this movie I just recently decided to watch it for the first time. 

The movie Mean Girls is based around a friend group that attends a school called North Shore High School. This high school has tons of different cliques, and each group has a different name. Most people who attend this school are not known by their name, but rather what friend group they are in. The friend group that the movie is based around is called the Plastics. The Plastics originally consisted of three girls. The names of the three girls are Gretchen Wieners, Karen Smith, and Regina George. Regina George is the leader of the friend group while the other girls follow her lead. This group is the most popular in the school. This isn’t because they are the most likable, but more because people are afraid of them. 

The Plastics clique grew when a girl named Cady Heron became a new student at the high school. Cady was a girl who had been homeschooled her whole life while living in Africa. Cady was a really sweet girl, and very intelligent. Cady first made friends with two people named Janis Ian and Damian. One of the first things they told her to avoid is the Plastics. Most people hated the Plastics friend group, but especially Janis from some past issues she had with Regina George. One day Cady was forced to sit at the Plastics lunch table, and they wanted to have Cady in their friend group. Janis came up with a plan that Cady should fake being friends with the Plastics to get all their deep secrets and report it back to her. This way they could show everyone just how horrible that friend group really was. Cady agreed, but the plan backfired when Cady started acting a little too much like the Plastics. Cady had been so used to trying to make it believable that she was like the Plastics that she ended up really being like them. She became very selfish, rude, and even started to blow off her homework. She ended up returning back to her old ways by the end of the movie, but it was a long journey. 

Overall I think this movie was pretty good. I was surprised that a nice girl like Cady Heron could have turned out to be so rude, but it does make sense when I look at the bigger picture. I think this movie did teach a small lesson. This movie showed that the people you surround yourself with will influence you. It showed that you usually act like the people who you spend the most time with, so you should surround yourself with good people. This movie was very eventful, and had some really funny parts to it. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has not watched it yet, and I hope they enjoy it as much as I did.