Stranger Things Review


In July of 2016, the first season of Stranger Things was released. Since that time, they have added 3 more seasons and the show has taken off and became one of the hottest shows on television while earning a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. I have just finished watching the entire series and it has become one of my favorite shows that I have ever seen. The show is set in the 1980’s and takes place in a small town in Indiana called Hawkins. Stranger Things follows the story of Eleven, a teenage girl with powerful psychic abilities, when she escapes a secret government lab and becomes friends with nerds Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will and they work together to fight evil from an alternate dimension. The show is obviously fiction and provides a very exciting and intense experience for the viewer. There is a lot of violence, gore, and language throughout the show. Because of this, I would not consider this show very appropriate for kids. However, if you are mature enough to handle these things, I can almost guarantee that you will enjoy the show.


Season 1 starts off with twelve year old Will Byers going missing. Everyone in Hawkins turns town upside down looking for him. A few episodes in, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas discover he is in fact still in Hawkins, just not their Hawkins. They discover that Will is an alternate dimension that mirrors our world. They call this dimension The Upside Down. The Upside Down is filled with huge vines, monsters, storms, and an evil that is seeking to take over Hawkins. Season 1 is basically just where we are introduced to all of the characters, such as Hopper, Joyce, Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan. I feel like Season 1 is just the attention grabber for the audience and the show only gets better from there. It is very exciting to watch all of the characters and how they develop throughout the show.


Throughout the next three seasons, we are introduced to many more characters, such as Argyle, Murray, Max, Erica, and Robin. All of these characters help save Hawkins at different points throughout the show. My favorite character in Stranger Things is Murray. Murray is a friend of Jim Hopper. Because Murray knows Russian, when Hopper captures a Russian soldier, he and Joyce bring the soldier to Murray so he can be a translator. I like Murray because he is extremely funny and adds some humor to some of the more serious parts of the show. He stays a part of the show for the rest of the series and plays a crucial part in saving Hawkins.


If you are interested in watching Stranger Things for yourself, you can find it on Netflix. I would give this show a 10/10 recommendation. I feel like the common theme of the entire show is that you should always work together to solve your problems. I enjoyed how the show depicts the 80’s and it kind of gives me an insight into the lifestyle that some people lead during this time period. The creators of the show are Matt and Ross Duffer. These brothers grew up in the 80’s, so they use this prior knowledge to create an environment that portrays an accurate depiction of this time frame. It has plenty of action as well as lots of laughs and heartfelt moments. It is most likely that season 5 of Stranger Things will be released sometime in 2024. I personally cannot wait to watch the upcoming episodes and catch up with all of my favorite characters.