JH Choirs

JH Choirs

There are three different choirs in junior high. Each choir has their own name, the 6th grade choir is called Crendeos, the 7th & 8th choir is called Chorus, and the 7th & 8th Adv choir is called Chorale. The theme for this year’s concerts is Disney. Mostly everyone is very excited about the theme.

In choir on Tuesday each student can show their talent by singing what they love. The students can sing any song they want (as long as it’s appropriate). Talent Tuesday is a way for students to express themselves, and show people what kind of personality they have. The students are not forced to do “Talent Tuesday”, it is by choice.

Each choir has their own  individual songs. The chorale choir is singing “Butterflies, “Moons and Stars,” “There Has to be a Song”, and “Someday.” Crendeos are singing “True Colors,” “ When the Chariot Takes me Home”, & “The Moon,” those are the songs the Crendeos are singing. Chorus is singing “Brave,”  “Come to the Music,” & “Bring me Little Water Sylvie.” All the junior high choirs are singing a “Disney Villain Medley.”

In the Disney villain medley there are two solos. One solo is a Gaston solo for the boys, and the other solo is an Ursula solo for the girls. The boys are thrilled about the Gaston solo. The girls are also very excited about the Ursula solo. The people who get the solo’s will have to play the part of each solo. They have to act like “Gaston” or ”Ursula”.

Everyone  is very excited about the first concert! In conclusion,  you are now aware of the opportunity (and the fun) in choir. Choir is so much fun, and Mrs. Dubious (choir teacher) is a great inspiration to young adults introduced to music. Come see them at their first concert in October on the 6th, and the curtain is at 7:00pm.