LSB Savings Bank


The Logansport Savings Bank does a lot for our community. One thing the LSB does for our community is offer leadership opportunities for teenagers from Cass County high schools. The leadership opportunities allow a select few students to be a part of the board. The high school students can give their input on the different things the bank is doing in the community. Each Cass County high school has four student representatives. The Lewis Cass students who are a part of the board are Ethan Johnson, Kyah Preston, Caden Benner, and Kinsey Mennen. Johnson and Preston are seniors this year and have previously been a part of the board last year, their junior year. Benner and Mennen are juniors and first-year board members. The selected students from each school have meetings once a month on a Wednesday to discuss different things the LSB is doing for the community. One thing the LSB does every year is sponsor two organizations. Last Wednesday, September 21st, they decided on the two organizations they will be sponsoring for this year. 

The first organization they decided to sponsor this year is Cardinal Center Services. Cardinal Center is a nonprofit organization located in Logansport. Cardinal Center Services focuses on working with disabled individuals. This organization was started in 1954 when parents were struggling to find resources to support them in raising their disabled children. They struggled to find good resources because all of the options were either too expensive or too far away. Cardinal Services has changed the community around for the better. They have taught that individuals with challenges are valued and supported. They have grown their organization from when they first started and now they help all people with disabilities. People of any age can find support and answers at Cardinal Center Services. 

The second organization they decided to sponsor this year is Emmaus. Emmaus is located in Logansport and is a nonprofit organization. The Emmaus Mission Center is a Christain ministry.  They are a huge help to the community. Emmaus focuses on assisting the poor. They do this by providing them with job skill training, education, and access to food, clothing, and shelter. They offer a homeless shelter for men, women, and children. They also offer a food pantry. They serve close to six hundred families a month using their food pantry. One special thing they have at Emmaus is their thrift store. Some items people can donate are clothing, furniture, appliances, toys, bedding, books, and other items that are in usable condition. The best part of this thrift store is that every dollar spent goes directly towards programs and services that help those in the local community that are in need. 

The Logansport Savings Bank chose very important nonprofit organizations to sponsor for this year. Cardinal Center Services and The Emmaus Mission Center both play very important roles in the community. Both nonprofit organizations strive to help those in the local community and provide support to those who need it. 



Kyah Preston