Lewis Cass Boys Tennis Team


Kyah Preston

Class/ Community Feature

Feature #5

Lewis Cass Boys Tennis Sectionals

The Lewis Cass boy’s tennis team is going into their sectional games this week. Cass drew to play Maconaquah but the team did not have enough members so they had to redraw. In the second round of drawing Lewis Cass drew to play Peru. The Lewis Cass team has had a good season this year with many wins for the team. This year they have beaten Twin Lakes, Western, Hamilton Heights, Carroll, Tippy Valley, Rossville, and Eastern. They also had doubles place fourth, the two singles placed second and three singles placed third at Hoosier Conference. It has been an overall good season for the tennis team this year.

This year’s seniors have made a huge impact on the success of the team. This year’s seniors are Ethan Johnson, Noah Preston, Jensen Burrous, Montez Burns, Ryleand Ellington, Joseph Ayers, Jon Emmons, Jack Miller, and manager Erika Johnson. Leading into what could be their last game they are feeling nervous but confident in their team. I asked senior Noah Preston how he is feeling going into sectionals and how he feels about his team. Noah said ¨I am feeling ready for the match tonight, I feel confident in myself and my teammates.¨ I also asked senior Ethan Johnson what his favorite memory from tennis has been, Ethan responded by saying¨ This year my favorite memory was beating Western because it was a tough match and we won.¨ I also asked Ethan how he is feeling going into sectionals. He responded by saying ¨I am feeling pretty confident with my match and the team match as a whole.

The success of the team is brought out by Coach Matt Hurst. I asked Coach Hurst what his favorite memory was from this year and he responded with ¨There is not just one memory in particular but many from a great season with a great group of guys!¨ I also asked Coach Hurst what he thought helped elevate the team’s success as a whole. He responded by saying ¨ The team did well this year due to their hard work! The guys come out everyday ready to work on where they need to improve. They get practice started on time and stay after to continue to work and improve! ¨ I then asked Coach Hurst what his favorite thing about coaching the boys was and he responded with ¨They all have great attitudes, a strong work ethic, and know how to play with class no matter what the other team is doing! The guys on the team are why I coach!¨

Leading them into the end of their season the boys will play their sectional match at Thrusher Courts at five fifteen in Peru. I wish the tennis team the best of luck. We are all so proud of you! 


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