Lewis Cass and the Rotary Club


     There are some things that a student can be honored for during their time at their specific high school. An athlete can achieve athletic hall of fame, set a good example awards, and more because of the work and integrity they uphold. Exceptional students can be inducted into the National Honor Society because of their academic achievements. Members of the band can be awarded metals, trophies, and more for their skills when playing their respective instruments. One other honor that a student can earn is being selected to be a part of the Rotary Club. Students are selected for their academic achievements, likely based on class rank.

     Rotary is a national organization that has a variety of locations across the country. One club location is right here in Logansport, and the president of it is Nicole Wallace. Rotary is made up of people in the community that come together and recognize the students that were selected. People at the meetings can include business owners, senators, lawyers, managers, average workers, and just about anyone that wants to participate and invest in the community that way. It is a time for students to get to know other people and even perhaps make connections that could benefit them in their future endeavors. 

     Cass chose a total of 10 students to attend the Rotary club throughout the year this year. These students include myself, Luke Chambers, Jayla Thomas, Liberty Scott, Felix Palafox, John Miller, Emme Grisez, Savannah Bowser, Josh Vanderburg, and Savannah Haseltine. These students are basically given the opportunity to attend Rotary meetings in pairs during the school day with Superintendent Dr. Garland and Principal Mr. Young. The meetings consist of students from schools around Cass county, and they are required to introduce one another and basically give the audience the chance to get to know them. The first pair that will attend Rotary from Lewis Cass will be myself and Jayla Thomas on the 24th of October. 

     To give additional information about the Rotary club, their main goals nationally are to connect people, transform communities, and fund sustainable projects that will end up benefiting different communities in a variety of ways. On their website, they said the following: “For more than a century, we’ve bridged cultures and connected continents. We champion peace, fight illiteracy and poverty, help people get access to clean water and sanitation, and fight disease. Our newest cause is to protect our planet and its resources.” Overall, Rotary is trying to help the world and create unity. Along with their goals, Rotary gives awards to their clubs around the U.S. to help make clubs stronger, communities better, and peace possible.

     In conclusion, Rotary has a major impact on many communities both in the U.S. and in the world. The idea of participating in it through our school is very interesting and also important because it encourages community involvement in the future. It’s easy to overlook how much of an impact clubs like Rotary have on a community because it ultimately brings people together, thus creating benefits for them. Congratulations to the students that were picked to represent Lewis Cass in the Rotary Club, and thank you to the staff for making it possible.