Hocus Pocus 2

Hocus Pocus 2

We have all heard or seen of Hocus Pocus but they also just came out with the second movie. The second movie tells about what happened to the Sanderson sisters when they were younger and why they turned into bad witches, then the movie showed us how the sisters came back after they were hanged. 

At the beginning of the movie Becca and Izzy were at the magic shop in Salem listening to a story that Gilbert is telling to the children. In his story he talked about how the sisters were treated in their town when they were little (which is why they turned bad). The two girls then bought a couple things from Gilbert to do a ritual. They then headed to the forbidden woods and started the ritual by lighting a candle. The girls thought it was just a regular candle, but Gilbert had switched it out with the black flame candle. The black flame candle is the candle that brought back the Sanderson sisters. After they lit the candle the ground split where the girls were. They tried to run away but they hid behind a tree while watching the sisters. The sisters then appeared, sang their song, and tested out their magic. 

After the sisters tested out their magic, the girls attempted to run and hide. The sisters knew they were there the whole time. They found them then Becca and Izzy tried to trick the sisters and say there were youth potions already made at the market. They took the sisters to the market and showed them the “youth potions”, the sisters then drank face creams, lotions, retinols, etc. The sisters then found out they were tricked and tried to hurt the girls but they were smart enough to put salt in front of them and it blocked the sisters magic. The girls ran back to the magic store to tell Gilbert about the sisters being back. He was very shocked that they were actually back. The sisters were calling for their magic spell book to find the spell to get their revenge on Salem. Gilbert unlocked the book and it flew open with a very bright light so they could find the book. The sisters showed up at the shop and put Becca and Izzy in the basement then put a spell on it so they couldn’t get out of the basement. The sisters then gave Gilbert tasks to do so they could do the Magicae Maxima spell; this spell would make the sisters unstoppable. If he couldn’t find all of the things they needed for the spell before the time ran out he would be killed. 

While Gilbert is trying to find things for the spell, Becca and Izzy get themselves out of the basement by using some things they bought from the store. The girls went to find the reverend to try and save him from the sisters because they were after him to get revenge. They had to call him and tell Cassie (their old friend and his daughter) that she was throwing a party at his house. After the reverend got to safety at his house the girls ran to his house to find Cassie and tell her what was going on. The sisters found out where the house was and went after the girls there. They put salt around the witches so they were trapped there and couldn’t use their magic. Soon after automatic vacuums came and swept up the salt from around the sisters, so they went and found Cassie and took her to the forbidden woods. The sisters needed enemy blood for the potion. Gilbert found everything they needed and took it to the forest, the sisters did the spell. But what they didn’t know is that you have to give up the two things you love most in the world. Winifred the main sister gained the power as her sisters disappeared like dust in the wind. The girls told Winifred that the only way she could be with her sisters again was to give up all of her powers. So they did the spell that took away her powers and she vanished like the other sisters did in the wind. After that everything went back to normal for now… 

Overall I thought this movie was a very good movie. The plot was super good and suspenseful to keep from getting bored. I’ve asked around and people told me it wasn’t the best movie, but they would watch it again. I thought it was better than the first one but I’ve heard otherwise.