Review of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” Book Series


I’ve always enjoyed watching movies and shows rather than reading books, but at the beginning of this year, I got into reading. As a visual learner, I have enjoyed reading books that inspired some of my favorite movies and shows, because it is easier to visualize the books. One book series I read is “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” books. I enjoyed watching the movies that were inspired by the book series, so I wanted to see if the books were better.  

The first book is called “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”. In this book Lara Jean’s love letters get mailed out to the boys she wrote them for. These letters were never supposed to be seen by anyone because they were very personal. Peter was one of the boys who received a letter. Lara Jean and Peter made a deal to have a fake relationship. The fake relationship was to make Peter’s ex-girlfriend jealous and to show another boy who received a letter that it was a very old letter and Lara Jean didn’t like him. Lara Jean went to this extent because the other boy was her sister’s ex-boyfriend. They went through this fake relationship and ended up liking each other. They end up starting a real relationship. 

The second book is called “Ps I Still Love You”. In this book Lara Jean and Peter go through some difficult situations. They struggle with some trust issues. Lara Jean encounters another boy who received a letter in this book. John was his name, and she saw him as her perfect dream boy. They end up talking quite often about a variety of things. They spend a night together at the retirement home. This is because John’s grandma lived there, and Lara Jean was heavily involved in different activities at the retirement home. They had a party that night. Lara Jean and John play out in the snow that night and bond a lot. At the end of the book, Peter and Lara Jean make their way back to each other. 

The third book is called “Always and Forever”. In this book, Peter and Lara Jean are making college plans. They want to go to the same local college together. Peter was already committed to this college for lacrosse, so they were just waiting on Lara Jean’s acceptance letter. When Lara Jean didn’t get accepted they made a plan that Lara Jean would transfer next year to the local college with Peter. In the meantime, Lara Jean would be attending a college an hour away and would visit with Peter on the weekends. Lara Jean ended up falling in love with a college that was nearly three and a half hours away. She decides she can’t pass up her new dream college for a boy. Peter and her go through some difficult challenges, because of her decision but they end up back together. 

I enjoyed this book series. I liked how much more detail the books went into the story than the movies. Overall I think the books were better than the movies. While reading the books I was much more emotionally invested in Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship than in the movies. I would recommend reading these books if you have seen the movies.