Winter Bringing More Than The Cold


This winter has come faster than expected and has brought the cold. Winter brings a lot of things and is a very busy time of year. With the harsh weather, the winter also brings many things for the school year. The annual SADD dance is coming up soon and is expected to bring a lot of fun. It is not being held at the school this year, so many students are excited. There are many sports throughout the season as well. Boys and girls swimming is back in action. They had their first meet at home against Clinton Central. The girls took home the first win and the boys lost. Wrestling had their first match Tuesday. They took down Northfield for their first match. The girls basketball team started their season off with a win against tri-central. They have a new addition to the team and it is not a player like you would expect. They have a scout team now. The original team consisted of Noah, Cole, Wyatt, Nolan, Garrett, Enoch, Felix, Nolan, and Ethan. They help the girls get an insight on the next team and their skill sets. The girls are very young but possess a lot of talent. Boys basketball has just started as well. Their first game was a loss to Carroll, but they have improved and won the next two games since. All of these winter sports have a busy schedule but always show out for the community. There are also sports that are training in the cold winter. The baseball team has workouts three times a week to get ready for their season. The SADD dance is something that is fairly recent. It stands for students against destructive decisions. There is a SADD club that gets the whole ordeal together. It is a great club with a positive message. This year, the boys basketball team is a favorite to win sectionals. They have a lot of returning players who have a lot of talent. Wabash is the team to beat for the boys sectional. It will be a cold season, but a very hard fought one as well. The winter break is a big break that all of the students look forward to. They will have just under two weeks off of school for this break. This year will be very busy, so get your coats and gloves and be ready for the fun season ahead.