Benefits of Project Based Finals

Benefits of Project Based Finals

When winter and summer break comes around students are very excited. The one thing that brings their mood down is finals week. Two weeks before the break everybody is stressed about their finals. They are trying to study for every one of their classes while also dealing with their everyday life. Final grades are so important that they become very stressful for some. Project-based finals would be great for students because it would be better for all learners, there would be less stress, and the students would put into practice what they have learned instead of just remembering the answers. 

The first reason why there should be project-based finals is that it’ll be beneficial for all different learning styles. Schools now focus on teaching for the advantage of auditory learners. This makes it hard for students who are visual, kinesthetic, or reading and writing learners. Turning to project-based finals would be best for all students. Having a project for a final allows students to be creative on their assignments. The students can use their type of learning style while making their final project. 

The second reason why students should have project-based finals is that it would decrease stress levels. Teenage stress levels are at an all-time high. Tests throughout the school year are big parts of quarter and semester grades, which causes lots of nerves. The final being a third of the final grade of students makes them even more stressed than normal tests. Students shouldn’t have to be stressed about their finals right before winter and summer break. 

The third reason schools should have project-based finals is because it will make the students put into practice what they have learned throughout the school year. Most students study to remember the answers that they think might be on the final test. Having a project final will have students look back at all they learned and put the information all together. Doing a project will help the students better understand the curriculum they have been taught. 

Making this important change will be better for all learners, students will have less stress, and students will learn the material instead of memorizing the answers to pass their final tests. All students deserve final tests that suit their learning style. Changing to project-based finals will increase passing grades. Students need to be able to enjoy their week before their school breaks instead of being stressed about their grades. They are already stressed over their everyday lives. It is of huge importance that the students learn the material they were taught over the school year instead of remembering the answers just for the tests. Learning the material will help the students out in the long run, and it is important to give the students the push they need to do such things. The switch would be beneficial for all students, teachers, and the school overall.