The Underlying Meaning of The Cass County Tournament


Each year the county schools compete in a tournament to raise money for specific organizations.  This year these organizations are EMMAUS and the Cardinal Center.  The Cardinal Center is a non profit organization that helps people in need.  Also, another main service that the Cardinal Center provides is to help adults and children with disabilities.  EMMAUS is a Christian ministry dedicated to help the poor through poverty.  They do this by providing them with job skill training, education, and they also provide them with access to food, shelter, and clothing.  They are mostly known for their extraordinary food pantry and the homeless shelter which houses many people each night.  EMMAUS is also a non profit organization.  They decided they would fundraise for each organization every other day.  For example, Tuesday they fundraised for the Cardinal Center, and Wednesday they fundraised for EMMAUS.  They switch each day to allow the opportunity for each organization to get an equal amount of money.  


Whatever money that is given at the games, Logansport Savings Bank (LSB) will match each dollar up to a 1000 dollars this year.  The rest of the proceeds after 1,000 dollars will still go to the non profit organizations, but LSB is graciously matching the donations until that certain amount.  A few of the things that LSB is doing this year is donating twenty five dollars for each three made during the basketball games.  Also during halftime they give kids the opportunity to make a free throw for money.  The free throw event during halftime also shows another way that LSB gives back to the community.  This is also the time for free will donations from fans and community members.


LSB sponsors this event and does whatever it takes to make sure everything goes smoothly.  Also recently they have started a club called the LSB Junior Board.  On this Junior Board, each school in Cass county has four representatives, two from the senior class and two from the junior class.  LSB also makes sure that a boy and a girl are chosen to insist that both men and women work in bank settings.  They have meetings monthly to speak upon and discuss whatever is going on in the community.  The senior representatives from our school are Ethan Johnson and Kyah Preston.  The junior representatives are Kaden Benner and Kinsey Mennen.  These selected people have the prestigious opportunity to represent our school in a business setting.  Also they have specific tasks to accomplish during the Cass County Tournament.  They are the people asking for donations and helping with the events during the tournament.  Also, each of the school’s representatives must come together to create a “hype” video of their boys and girls team.  The video could be funny or dumb but he main reason is to bring recognition about the Cass County Tournament on social media.  


In conclusion, LSB does many things behind the scenes during the Cass County Tournament.  These events help give back to the community and the non profit organizations.  Everyone knows the main idea about the Cass County Tournament is basketball.  Who will have bragging rights over the other county rivalry schools?  That’s the question many people ask and only care about.  In reality, the underlying meaning is to support non profit organizations who need assistance, so they can go out and help others.