Why Should Vending Machines be in Schools?

Why Should Vending Machines be in Schools?


Many students throughout the day are waiting for lunch to roll around so they can eat. Students shouldn’t have to wait till lunch time to be able to eat, they should be allowed to be able to get a snack when needed. Many students in our school were disappointed to see that vending machines were taken out of the school a few years prior. Vending machines should be allowed in the high school to help focus, a cheap way to get rid of hunger, and be easy access to healthy foods.

The first reason I think schools should have vending machines is to help students focus. When students are hungry we don’t tend to be as focused on the subject at hand, we are more focused on our hunger. Many parents struggle to provide food, or even lunch money for their children. By putting affordable snacks in the machines students would be able to reduce their hunger, and be able to focus on their classes instead of being hungry. The food would fuel their hunger and help them achieve a higher score in the class. Food makes people happy, and happy people are up to 13% more productive. 

The next reason is it’s a cheap way to get rid of hunger. Students don’t have the money to keep going and buying expensive gas station snacks to keep their hunger away during school time. We should be able to grab a quick cheap snack from the vending machines. Food in vending machines is usually around one to two dollars. Students usually have a dollar or two to spare to grab some food if they’re hungry for a snack. Each student can find a few quarters or an extra dollar laying around to help get them through until lunch starts or the day ends. 

The final reason is easy access to healthy foods. In these vending machines there would be semi-healthy food that students or even staff could eat. Many families just buy the cheap food, because healthy foods are usually more expensive. The foods would be whole grain or snacks that are full of nutritional value. The vending machines would be an addition to the water vending machines that the school already has. The students would use the machines and provide some extra money to the school when needed. 

The vending machines would be a great addition to bring back to the school. They would help achieve better focus which would lead to better grades, provide cheap snacks, and also provide semi-healthy foods. The school would benefit with students being happier from the snacks they could quickly grab with a dollar or two during their passing period. Putting the vending machines outside the cafeteria or the restrooms would be a great place to grab a quick snack at the common meeting areas of the hallway. Overall, I believe that the vending machines would make many students and teachers happy.