Damar Hamlin’s Collapse

In the Bills vs. the Bengals game, Damar Hamlin collapsed due to cardiac arrest. Damar tackled Tee Higgins and when he got back up, he collapsed. Everybody begins to realize that something is wrong when Dane (one of Hamlin’s best friends) starts to sprint over towards him. He is then transported to the hospital, where he is currently located.

Damar’s family has received a bunch of support from fans and other NFL players and coaches. Damar’s family was also provided with food from restaurants in Cincinnati. Fans have been donating millions of dollars to a GoFundMe site for kids to get toys for Christmas that Damar made. The Buffalo Bills tweeted that Damar was awake and improving, and many people responded with elation.

Damar is in critical condition, but is showing signs of improvement. Damar is expected to remain under intensive care. It appeared that Higgins’ shoulder hit Damar in the chest, which caused Damar to go into cardiac arrest. Damar’s brain function is in good condition, and Damar’s lungs are still healing. Hamlin’s teammates say that he is awake and showing signs of improvement.

After Hamlin collapsed, the game was canceled, and was not completed. The postponement took over an hour, which made many people angry. But in the end, however, the NFL was praised for calling off the game. The NFL has not decided whether to reschedule the game or not. The Bills vs. Bengals game will not resume this week due to the injury. 

All of Damar’s family, friends, and fans have been trying to make it easier on him by giving support and donating money and food. Damar is getting better everyday. Damar has been receiving so much help from his medical team. With all of the improvements he has been making, he will make a good recovery.

In conclusion, Damar Hamlin should make a good recovery after his collapse. The doctors do not know when he will be able to play again, but hopefully he will soon. Many people have helped and supported him. He is still in critical condition at the moment, but he is improving. The game has not been rescheduled yet, and the NFL may not reschedule it at all.