Multiple events are going on right now; one event named “Solo and Ensemble” is where people can compete for gold, silver, bronze or a participation award. An ensemble is where multiple people of any instrument get together and play a piece of music together, and In Solo and Ensemble, you and/or a group of people sing. In choir, you get a song to sing at either level one, the highest level, level two, three, or four, the lowest level. The band is set up the same way; you can choose and play a piece of music at levels one, two, three, four, five, or six.


Choir is a fun thing to do, especially if you’re a person who enjoys singing and dancing. As a person in Choir, I would say that I enjoy it myself! You can make many friends in Choir, always have fun, and simply be yourself. In my opinion, being yourself is one of the best things about being in Choir.  Choir is just a lovely, welcoming place, and I hope other people give it a chance. Mrs. Dubios is a talented choir teacher and amazing in her job.


The Band is currently about to start learning our music for the concert in March. One of the pieces of music we are looking forward to learning is In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg. The piece starts slow and eventually gets faster and faster. In sheet music, when the piece starts slow and gets faster, it is called “Accelerando”. In the Hall of the Mountain King is a very eerie, mysterious piece of music. Mr. Humburg is a great teacher.