The Quadruple Homicide in Idaho


On November 13, 2022, in an off campus home for Idaho University, four students were brutally murdered in their home. In the home, there are six roommates total, but only four of them who live on the top two floors were murdered. In the middle of the night after the roommates returned home from getting dinner in town, around midnight they were all in their rooms. Around four in the morning, the four victims were stabbed multiple times to where one of them wasn’t even recognizable at first. The two roommates who live on the bottom floor of the house were left untouched, and didn’t even know what was happening upstairs at the time. However, during the time of the murder, one of the living roommates heard crying and movement upstairs. She ignored it at the time, but when she heard more movement a couple moments later she decided to step outside her bedroom door and check what was going on. When she stepped outside her bedroom door, she saw a black figure walking toward her. She froze and stood there watching as he walked out the door. 

The police believe that the murderer was in shock after killing four people and decided to just get out of the house. The girl that saw him was in shock as well and she went back to bed thinking nothing was happening. The next day, around 4pm, the police received a call about the four murders. They came to the house and found what had happened. While searching the house, they found a leather knife sheath that covered a knife. When the knife cover was investigated, it came back with DNA of one male that did not belong to the male living in the house. When the police started following more about what went on around the house, they found security cameras that follow a white car. The car is seen leaving the house a couple minutes later after the murders were revealed to have happened. 

The car traveled from the Idaho home all the way across multiple states. His car was caught on footage from Idaho to Washington, and then he was pulled over later in Indiana, and then found in Pennsylvania. The car was found belonging to a 28 year old named Bryan Kohlberger. Kohlberger is a student at Washington State University which is located around nine miles from the students home in Idaho. The police also got a warrant for his cell phone. They tracked cell phone towers and the location of the phone. His phone, which was bought in July was caught being very near to the students home twelve times prior to the murders. An arrest warrant was requested for Bryan Kohlberger who is now currently in jail and awaiting a court date. 

Overtime, many details have been released, and more details are currently getting released about the murders and suspects. I think that this is a very sad event that has happened, but it is good to see that the police have major suspects in mind to solve this quadruple homicide.