The Problems with School Lunches


     There are many things a school corporation may do that would not please all the students that go to that school. At Lewis Cass specifically, there are a few things to come to mind when I consider things I’d like changed within our school corporation. Certain things I would like changed could be things like the rules of varsity sports to the late homework policy. However, the primary thing I would like to see changed at Lewis Cass Schools would have to be the lunch options students have. Increasing the amount of eating options during lunch at Lewis Cass can be beneficial in many ways; between the nutritional content of foods, willingness to pay more for certain foods, and the happiness of the students at Lewis Cass, adding more options to our lunches would be a great decision.

     One of the problems with our current setup at lunch is the health content of some of the foods we have at lunch currently. As I know there is also a salad option besides the regular school lunch, it isn’t nearly enough to be called a lunch in my opinion. Some of the entrees we eat are frozen foods that are just heated up for our lunch, which isn’t the healthiest type of food to eat. I understand it would take too long for the lunch ladies to prepare food everyday for all the students to eat, but frozen foods everyday surely can’t be the best option for our students.

     Also, school lunches now cost $3 each. While some lunches are well worth that, there are a few lunches that I dislike and aren’t worth that in my opinion. Having more options to buy from would increase the likelihood of me paying $3 everyday towards a school lunch. Also, other schools around us have certain days a week that have other options. One particular school would bring in Papa John’s on Fridays for their students.

     Another reason more options should be brought to Lewis Cass for students’ lunches would be the overall happiness of Cass students. I know I would be more willing to work hard in school if I could eat certain foods I like during lunch. Even if it wasn’t the lunch ladies preparing the food. For example, if certain microwavable foods were sold individually, students would be able to prepare those by themselves in the microwave. This wouldn’t be any more work for the lunch ladies, but would add another option for students to choose from. Having more options at school would also increase the amount of profit a school can make during lunch hours. I know Lewis Cass isn’t a very high-budget school, but certain items added to the a la carte menu wouldn’t be much more money expended by Cass.

     Overall, adding more options for school lunches could be beneficial to Lewis Cass in many ways. Both students and teachers could benefit from this. Having options that could be eaten at almost any time of day for teachers could optimize the amount of work done during 5th period/mentor. I have heard a couple teachers also disagree with the price of school lunches for teachers. The price teachers have to pay for a school lunch is $4.60. Our faculty shouldn’t have to pay over 150% more for school lunches, and not receive more food than students paying $1.60 less. A change like this in our school system is something that would benefit our school in many ways, and it wouldn’t financially hurt the school in any way either.