Student Schedule Changes

Student Schedule Changes

Have you ever got a schedule and most of your classes changed at the beginning of the semester or quarter? Well, it’s a total mess, especially when a lot of kids’ schedules have changed all at the same time. Not only are our classes changing, but our lunches are too. The only good thing about having a change of your schedule is that you can get used to something different. With a change of your schedule, you can have many benefits like making new friends, seeing new perspectives of teachers, and getting into new classes that are right for you. 

First, let’s talk about the drawbacks of a schedule change. When getting a new schedule you might not know where that new class is and be late for the first day. Most of the time the teachers understand but even then it can be embarrassing to walk into a class late. Another thing that is bad about schedule changes is that you might walk in and none of your friends are in there. It is especially bad when that class is about group work and no one you are friends with are in there. But, the good thing about being in a class with none of your friends is you can get to know some other people. According to our friends, “Schedule changes are hard for us because we sometimes forget where we’re going.” 

When a schedule gets changed your lunch can get changed too. Like this year in the second semester most of the kids and teachers thought the lunches would be the same. This made some kids that never had B lunch confused on what to do and where to go. Eventually, teachers and staff helped the students find where to go and what lunch they had. That really helped us out.

 Some of the benefits of changing schedules is your classes can change to the right classes for you. More than likely the teacher won’t change your classes in the middle of the semester or quarter  because it would mess up the teacher and kids. So you could be in a class that is not right for you for a while. Another good thing is you can make new friends or get closer to your other friends. When a teacher has you do group work they might randomize it and you can make new friends that way. Maybe even if they let you choose the groups, you can try grouping with someone new.

With a schedule change, there are a lot of benefits and drawbacks. Don’t panic if your schedule changes, with the help of teachers and staff, you will be fine. If your schedule changes, try finding the goods in what’s given to you, like making new friends, don’t only focus on the bad things. If you have a good mind-set, you can turn anything relating to confusing, bad, or just not the way you wanted, into the opposite.