The Titanic was Sunk on Purpose


The Titanic is one of the most famous ships to ever exist in the world. Almost everybody knows what the Titanic was and what happened to this famous ship. Most of our knowledge of this ship comes from the very popular 1997 romance movie Titanic. This movie is based on the tragic shipwreck while centering attention on the romance of Jack and Rose. The Titanic is said to have crashed into an iceberg that caused this ship to sink in the North Atlantic Ocean. More than 1500 people lost their lives in this awful event. Some say the Titanic may have been sunk on purpose. They say that this horrible incident was purposely done to collect insurance money. What if this crazy conspiracy is all true? 

The first piece of evidence that brings people to believe this conspiracy is the ship itself. A company called The White Star Line owned three important ships. Those three ships were the Brytanic, Olympic, and Titanic. The Olympic and Titanic looked almost identical. The Olympic had been in service for a while and was reaching retirement when it crashed into another ship and took some damage. The cost to fix the damage would cost more than if they were to remake the boat because insurance would not cover it due to a lawsuit. The believers in this conspiracy think that the newly built ship took on the name of Olympic and the old Olympic took on the name of Titanic. This would have made the White Star Line collect insurance money, so they could rebuild a new ship. 

The second piece of evidence is that very important people did not board the ship. Multiple people had bought a ticket for the ship but never boarded. Some of the people who didn’t board were Theodore Dreiser, Guglielmo Marconi, Milton S. Hershey,  J. Pierpont Morgan, Henry Clay Frick, Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, and John R. Mott. All these people had small reasons as to why they didn’t board the ship. All of their reasons are very coincidental. The theorists of this conspiracy believe that these very important people may have been warned before they boarded the ship. 

The last piece of evidence is that there were ships around the Titanic that could have helped the sinking ship. The Titanic took less than three hours to fully sink. One ship that was around the Titanic when it hit the iceberg was the RMS Californian. The RMS Californian was only one hour away from the Titanic. This ship could have made it in time to save almost all the passengers on board the Titanic, but it never even headed towards the sinking ship. The other ship that was around the Titanic was the Carpathia. The Carpathia was three and a half hours away from the Titanic. The Carpathia was the ship to be sent to help the sinking Titanic even though they were too far away to make it in time. Conspiracy theories believe this is very coincidental to send the ship that couldn’t have made it in time rather than the one that could have made it in plenty of time. 

Although this conspiracy theory would be crazy if proven true it is a possibility. I believe that there is a chance that it could be true with all the evidence that there is to back it up. I believe that there are a lot of coincidences for there not to have been anything suspicious going on with this tragic incident.