The New Law Against TikTok

The New Law Against TikTok

A lot of people have TikTok to either watch videos or make their own videos. In case you aren’t aware, TikTok is a trending, cool social media app that lets people be unique and artistic in making their very own short videos. Recently, though, a new law has passed legislation banning TikTok from U.S. government technology. 

A Floridian Senator Marco Rubio established a law to ban TikTok and other apps that were made from foreign enemies like China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela. Rubio stated that, “The Federal government has yet to take meaningful action.”

TikTok may seem like an innocent app at first, however, some people allege that the Chinese government is creepily tracking us and everything we do. According to CNN, “The Senate passed legislation Wednesday evening to ban TikTok from US government technology, in a move designed to limit perceived information-security risks coming from the social media app.” This states that the Senate passed a bill to try banning TikTok from U.S. government devices to try to restrict “information-security risks.”

TikTok is a very popular app with kids and teens right now, and many students at Lewis Cass use TikTok and have the app on their devices. We decided we’d interview a couple students at our school about TikTok, and get their opinions about the actual app and the ban. We asked them if they liked Tik Tok, what they like about it, and whether it should be banned or not.

We gathered quotes from four different people on their opinions. Bentley Fross said, “Yes, The people that make funny videos, I would be mad but fine because I still have youtube shorts.” Ava Angle states, “Yes I have, I like the different variety of videos, I think they shouldn’t ban it because it is a good way to pass time and entertain.” Carson Reed replied, “Yes I have Tik Tok, The short videos with massive amounts of content in it, I think it is excessive because TikTok is not doing anything bad, it’s just a social media.” Annika Townsend said, “I do not have TikTok but my friends do and I watch it sometimes. Yes I like it, my favorite thing is all the funny videos, I do not want them to ban it because I learn a lot from TikTok.”