Mr. Ohman

Mr. Ohman

Mr. Ohman is a seventh grade math teacher and a freshman boys basketball coach. He recently started teaching this semester after Mrs. Marks left. 

Firstly, we asked Mr. Ohman, “Why did you choose to start teaching?” Mr Ohman said, “I chose to start teaching because I like being around energetic kids, and you can never have a bad day in a classroom full of students.” He always seems to be happy when he is teaching, like it is something he really enjoys. I think the students can be a little too energetic sometimes, but I’m glad Mr. Ohman can handle it.

Next, we asked Mr. Ohman, “What is your favorite thing about teaching?” He replied, “The satisfaction of helping a student learn something that they previously didn’t understand.” Mr. Ohman has taught us many new things and has helped us review. 

Then, we asked him, “Why did you decide to teach Math?” He said, “They asked me to teach math, so it was either teach math or not teach at all. When I was in school I really enjoyed math, so I liked the idea of teaching math anyways.” Lastly we asked, “Did you want to be a teacher in college?” He replied, “Originally, I went to college to be a history teacher, but later I decided to get a degree in math.”

Also, we asked students questions about Mr. Ohman. First, we asked, “Do you think Mr. Ohman is a good teacher?” Presley answered, “Yes, he explains what we are working on very well, and makes sure everyone is focused.” An anonymous student said, “He explains things fairly well, but it can sometimes be a bit confusing.” He can sometimes be a bit fast when going over things, but it isn’t really a problem for me.

Lastly, we asked students, “What are your favorite and least favorite things about Mr. Ohman?” Almost everyone said that he has a good sense of humor and makes everyone laugh. Brionna said, “If you need help he will help you.” An anonymous student said, “Sometimes he doesn’t explain what is on the notes, and it can be a bit boring.” Personally, I am fine with the work he does, and can do it fine. Also, there are some students, like Hope, who don’t have a least favorite thing about him.

In conclusion, Mr Ohman is a great new math teacher. He is really good at teaching, and we are happy that he decided to become a teacher. He is always in a good mood, and helps us learn things really well. He has taught us so much in the short span of time that he has been here, and we thank him for that.