The Benefits of Cats and Dogs


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Many families either want to buy a pet or already have a pet at home. However, most families do not actually know all the benefits that pets can bring. The main two pets that families debate about getting are cats and dogs. Each pet brings their own benefits, but they also each have their different benefits they bring as well. However, most families shy away from adopting or buying these animals due to how expensive they can be. Most people will add that the love they have for their animals can overpower the cost of them in the end. Cats and dogs can both be friendly and loving animals to add to your household. 

First, dogs bring physical benefits that cats do not. Dogs need to be walked to have them run off some energy. They could run off some energy by getting their owners outside for a long walk or a short jog. This can help owners lose weight or just get them outside to enjoy some fresh air and nature around their town. If the family lives in a town, they could meet other people while on a walk which would boost their social skills. Regular walking with pets is proven to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels as well. Dogs are friendly animals who can help you feel less lonely, stressed, and depressed while increasing your sleep and self esteem. They may be an expensive pet to buy, however there are multiple benefits to outweigh the cost in the end. 

Second, cats may not bring exercising benefits to you, but they love to cuddle, play, and sleep around. Cats are the easier pet to take care of if that is what a family is looking for. Cats first can help lower cardiovascular problems in the body and they also help lower depression and anxiety by being calm animals. They also reduce the feelings of loneliness because cats love to be around people. Cats also love to play, whether it’s a true cat toy or just a piece of string. This can make humans laugh and get excited just by watching the way cats get excited over a simple little toy. Cats also love to cuddle and sleep which means that they are not a high maintenance animal that needs to be watched all day. They can just sit around where they are comfortable and not bother anything. However they love to cuddle which can calm someone down and let their heart rate rest as well. 

In conclusion, pets can be a great addition to any family that is willing to take care of them. They have been proven to help with health issues in many different ways. They also are a way to add another member of the family. Whether you adopt or buy your pet from a breeder the happiness with each pet will go a long way that you might not have even realized before. Both cats and dogs have many benefits to add to your life that you might not have recognized.