Why French Desserts Are Better Than Italian Desserts

Pork Chop & Sauce recipe

Pork Chop & Sauce recipe

Imagine a sweet thick cream with a hard sugary crust on top; doesn’t that sound good? Or even a light, soft, cream-infused pastry topped with chocolate and powdered sugar? In my opinion, those are clear examples of why French desserts are better than Italian desserts.

The first example I explained was Crème Brulee, a classic French dessert. My first reason why French desserts are superior is that not only do most of them use the same techniques and ingredients once you get the hang of it, they’re not too hard to make. For example, Profiteroles, Eclairs, and Croquembouche are all made of Choux pastry. Choux pastry is a light, fluffy dough made from eggs, butter, water, and flour. It’s easy to make even if you aren’t a professional baker. Some French desserts are a bit harder, but they pay off so much. A chocolate souffle is an example of one. A soufflé can be anything; a dessert or an appetizer. Most French desserts are made with meringues or whipped egg whites. While making a meringue is hard to perfect, it will still be amazing if it isn’t perfect.

I think Italian desserts aren’t as good because they are time consuming to make. Tiramisu, for example, if you make everything from scratch, it can be quite hard. Especially the ladyfingers, which are pretty technical and require a lot of skill. Tiramisu is also very expensive to make. Some Italian desserts replicate French desserts. Sfogliatella looks very similar to a croissant. The only difference is Sfogliatella is always filled, but croissants are only sometimes filled. Both desserts usually have sifted powdered sugar on top. However, croissants don’t always need to, as you can split them in half and put bacon or eggs in the middle. Italian desserts are either copies of French desserts or quite hard to make. 

In conclusion, French desserts may sometimes be difficult, but most require the same ingredients and techniques. On the other hand, Italian desserts require a lot of skill and each one has a very different list of steps. This is why I believe French desserts are much better than Italian desserts.