The Best Place to Travel

The Best Place to Travel

Do you like to travel? Well, I love traveling because it is so fun to see different things and get away from everything else. Traveling makes me so happy because I will get to be with my family on vacation, and we usually get to do a lot of fun things. There are many different places in the world that you can travel to. My favorite place to travel is Alaska because there are many things to do and see. My favorite things to do and see are seeing the mountains and glaciers, hiking around and seeing all the different animals and scenery. Another thing I love doing in Alaska is going to the ocean to go fishing and many other things. Also, my uncle and aunt live in Alaska, and it is so nice to visit them after not seeing them for a while. 

My first reason why Alaska is my favorite place to travel is because of all of the beautiful scenery like mountains and glaciers. Denali is a mountain in Alaska and it is the tallest mountain in the United States. When I went to Denali we went on a six hour bus ride and saw so many cool animals. The animals that we saw were black bears, grizzly bears, moose, caribou, birds, and sheep.  The snow on top of the mountains is really neat and all the different animals at Denali are really awesome. I love going to glaciers because they are so pretty and cool to see. Some of the glaciers are very blue and some might be a tint of blue. The glaciers that I saw were awesome and some were small and some were huge. Sometimes big chunks of ice fall off these glaciers.

My second reason why Alaska is my favorite place to travel is because of the things you can do there. You can do gold panning which is taking this dirt bag and pouring it into this container with holes in the bottom and running it through water. When you get all the dirt and sand out there will be gorgeous rocks in the container. Another thing you can do is hiking to many different locations or you can walk on the boardwalk. I love to hike and see all the new things I have never seen before. I like going on the boardwalk better because then you can see all the boats and the pretty water, you might even see some fish. You can go to many good seafood restaurants on the boardwalk and go shopping. 

My third reason why Alaska is my favorite place to travel is because of the water and fishing. When I went to Alaska we went to Seward Alaska and went on a two day fishing trip. After one of the days we stayed on an off the grid resort and it was really fun. They had a seasalt hot tub, kayaking, it was run by solar power, and the resort was on a rock beach. We also went on a whale boat ride to try to see whales and other sea animals. We saw two whales, sea otters, jellyfish, fish and some dolphins. I love going to the beach and seeing the water and all the different things in it. 

In conclusion, this is why Alaska is my favorite place to visit because there is a vast variety of stuff to do. I also love to travel and see many new things. In Alaska, you get to see animals you might have never seen before and there are mountains everywhere. Alaska has a pretty ocean, too, and I loved going fishing there. All the cool animals and scenery that you can’t see in a lot of other places is my favorite thing about Alaska. These are what make Alaska so special. Would you like to visit Alaska?