Outer Banks Season 3


Season three of Outer Banks came out February 23rd. It is currently the number one show on Netflix. I believe it will stay like that for a couple of weeks. The show is more hype than ever and did not disappoint. The third season is full of adventure, drama, tragedy, and excitement. The main concern for this season was if it could handle the hype and expectations people have put on the show. 

The first season came out in the spring of 2020. It was heavily accepted and immediately created a big fan base. It is a very popular show now and has kept the core characters the same. The main characters are John B, JJ, Kiara, Sarah, and Pope. Rafe has become one of the more popular characters now because of the role he has played. The character development changes slightly, but Rafe’s has changed a lot. The fans are loving it too. The relationships between the characters were very big this season. The previous two seasons had relationships, but not as many as this one. Everyone in the Pogue friend group is in a relationship with each other. The show is still great in showing the different storylines of all of the characters. They have a lot of complex characters that have different personalities and lives. The show does a great job of showing these characters storylines and also showing the main storyline of the show. 

Season 3 takes on the adventure of finding the city of gold in El Dorado. This is the main goal of the season. The difference between this season and the previous is the addition of Big John. This is John B’s father. He is helping the Pogues find the 500 year quest for the gold. There is a new villain in the season that is an old accomplice of Big John. El Dorado is the end goal from what sparked the interest in season one. Big John was on the search for El Dorado when he disappeared. Season 1 and 2 left with some major cliffhangers, but season 3 has a resolution ending to the main story. It has a little cliffhanger, but still has some resolution to the story that has been told for these 3 seasons. 

The show has been renewed for a season 4 and will most likely come out at least a year later like the other seasons. I would say it is safe to assume that the show will follow the same route it has for the previous seasons. The show works well and they have amazing fans. American Eagle has just dropped their summertime OBX clothing styles. The collaboration is just an example of how big the show has gotten. It has a good cast of characters that are relatable and fun to watch. 

The search for treasure won’t stop with OBX. I predict that season 4 will be nothing short of amazing just like the previous seasons. It will have a lot of drama and fun times. I can’t wait for it to come out and watch it all in one day.