MSU School Shooting

MSU School Shooting

On a Monday night Michigan State University students got a notification saying there was an active shooter on campus. 3 students were killed while 5 were injured. Anthony Dwayne McRae was the shooter’s name. He was previously charged with a misdemeanor for possession of a loaded firearm and spent a year and a half on probation. McRae was found dead with a self-inflicted wound. No one knows his motive to do this horrible act, but let’s talk about how this all happened. 

 Alexandria Verner was a junior from Clawson, Brian Fraser was a sophomore from Grosse Pointe, and junior Arielle Anderson was also from Grosse Pointe were the students that were killed. The first reports of gunfire happened at 8:18 PM at Berkey hall. Students and teachers then started barricading themselves in class rooms and their dorm rooms. After the police responded to the Berkey hall shooting, then the MSU union was reported of gunshots. Hundreds of officers flooded the campus to stop the shooter. 

Now on to what the students did as they found out about the shooter. 3 freshmen were in the dining hall when they got a call from a relative saying there was a shooter on campus. They blocked the doors and tried to remain calm. The students said there was a lot of screaming, and everyone was screaming everyone’s names. Others stayed in their rooms and put anything and everything in front of their doors to keep the shooter out of their rooms in case he went to dorms next. 

Now let’s talk about the aftermath of this shooting and how the students are going to cope with this. The university canceled classes and athletics for two days. Counseling services were to start on the next Tuesday at 9:00 AM. Michigan state police are being sent to the campus to investigate further. Some students were also in different school shootings when they were younger. One student was in the Oxford shooting just over a year ago as well as many other shootings. As well as many other students being in shootings before this. 

Students everywhere are always worrying about where the nearest exit is or if they’ll make it home that night. Students shouldn’t have to worry about that. We should be worrying about the next test we have coming up, not whether we’re making it home tonight. I hope that these students continue to heal and cope with their trauma.