Emergency Funding

Emergency Funding

 kids at our school get food if they are in need of help. They also help the Salvation Army, which in turn helps people overcome poverty and also helps people get food if they need it. They also provide religious services to people if they would like to attend or learn more about Christianity. They also fund the YMCA. The YMCA funds many after school programs for at risk children and teens and provides financial assistance for families. They also try to help prevent obesity through activity programs. The program also helps support the elderly. They give donations to the Cass Council on Aging. This organization helps Cass County was given around 10 thousand dollars from the federal Emergency Food and Shelter Program hosted by the Department of Homeland Security. The program has the aim of helping existing local non profit organizations help people who are homeless or need some extra food. The funds can be used to help prevent evictions from happening. They can also be used to help prevent service shutoffs and to provide shelter for the homeless people in our community.

The Emergency Food and Shelter Program was made possible in 1987 by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. The program gives money to existing local non-profit organizations to provide food, shelter, or organizational programs. The program has 130 million dollars in funding to support it during the 2023 year. The program has given over 6 billion dollars in its 40-year history to over 14 thousand organizations. These organizations helped over 25 hundred communities by giving them financial aid to help them in their local endeavors. These organizations are led by a board of many different national charities  

The United Way of Cass County is the charitable organization in charge of handling the way the fund is used. The organization already helps programs such as our buddy bag system. This system helpsprovide service to the elderly of Cass County, such as transportation services.

Other organizations can also apply for aid. The organization must have an accounting system, be non-discriminatory,  be a non-profit organization, and demonstrate the capability to help their community. The United Way of Cass County will then decide which of the organizations will receive funding.

The funding provided by the government will greatly help our community fight homelessness, poverty, and hunger. We have a 12 percent poverty rate in Cass County, which is extremely high. The poverty line for a 4-person family is only around 26 thousand dollars, which means 12 percent of Cass County makes under that amount. The average rent in Cass County has increased to 677 dollars a month. Which is a good chunk of money for someone under the poverty line who also has other expenses such as food, transportation, utilities, etc. This shows a great need that needs to be met in Cass County, which can be greatly helped by the funds provided. If you need more help to afford the bills, do not be afraid to reach out to one of the organizations to get help.