Stress in Teens’ Lives

Stress in Teens Lives

Unfortunately, stress is a very common thing people have to deal with in today’s world. Stress is not good for the mental health of each individual. In some cases stress can cause people to become ill. Not only does stress cause people to be mentally ill, it also can cause people to be physically ill. Some common causes of stress for people today are school, jobs, friends, family, extra curricular activities, money, and more. Balancing all these things at once can be difficult. What some people don’t realize is that teenagers go through a lot of stress on a daily basis. There are a lot of major stressors in today’s teens’ lives. 

The first stressor for teenagers is having to balance their busy schedule. One thing that all teenagers have on their schedule is school. Schooling typically lasts around seven hours every week day. This does not include the homework and studying teens have to do at home after school. Homework and studying usually last around one to three hours, but it depends on the individual. Another thing teenagers might have on their schedule is extra curricular activities. Doing extra curricular activities is a good thing, but sometimes adding it onto the schedule is difficult. Extra curricular activities usually take two to three hours a couple times a week or every weekday. Sometimes they even carry onto the weekend. Some teenagers also have jobs on their schedule. Teenagers can work up to nine hours. Although most teenagers don’t work nine housers adding on work to their schedule does not give them much free time. Especially if these teens are involved in school and extracurricular activities too. Balancing all these activities on their schedule can be hard, and can cause a lot of stress. 

The second stressor for teenagers is that they are still growing. Sometimes that point in a person’s life can be very awkward and stressful. Social media is huge in today’s world. Social media gives very high standards for teenagers. Teens feel like they have to act or look a certain way because of what the internet says. Being a teen is an awkward position to be in because you are no longer a kid, but have not grown into an adult yet. These kinds of pressures can be really big stressors for teenagers. 

The last stressor for teenagers is that they have to make a huge decision on how the rest of their lives are going to look. They have to decide what career path they are going to take after high school. If the teens plan to go to college that can cause a lot of stress. Teenagers not only have to give their all to their normal tests, but also to the important tests that colleges will look at. To plan for college, teens have to worry about money, majors, what college they want to attend, and having to make new friends. Planning out all these things feels like they are planning out their whole life at such a young age to teens. This planning can be a huge stress to teenagers. 

The reasons for teenagers stress are having to balance their schedule, growing, and college planning. These three reasons show the cause of why teenagers are so stressed in their lives. Stress is not a good thing to go through, but unfortunately we all have to deal with it and work through it.